Sunday, September 25, 2011

Pearland Area Road Runners

I'm sure I've mentioned how much I love my running club and how wonderful the people are.  Well today, we had our first social.  We met at a pizzeria and enjoyed each other's company in normal clothes and make up while eating the best pizza I've ever had in Texas.  It was fun, and Kelly and I were happy to get to know some of the others a little better. 

And we ordered our club shirts.  Yea!

I would love to say that I got in some really great exercise after that pizza, but I didn't.  I took my kiddo and her friend to the park and read running magazines while they played.  It was hot!  I was sitting in the shade with a strong breeze, and it was still hot.  However, I did do the 30 day challenge workout on the Wii this evening.  That bimbo trainer had me do so many squats and lunges, I was tempted to throw my Wii remote at the TV.  But I didn't and I was 180 calories down when it was over with.  Also, in the process, I got rid of my overwhelming craving for Oreo cookies. I guess anger at an avatar has that power.

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