Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mile Minus Magic

This morning was one of those mornings where you feel like you've been hit by a truck.  At least the stress dreams didn't keep me up, and I slept soundly until my phone was buzzing me out of unconsiousness.  That's the thing about using my phone rather than an alarm clock.  I love my phone too much to throw it across the room.

We met at the track to do our warm up mile before the magic mile.  Kelly and I took off and caught up on the prevoius night's events after we left the football game.  Then the magic miles started.  We are usually group six, but today Coach did away with one of the groups and we were group five.  And once again, Kelly and I were the only chicas for our group.  We took off together, and I told Kelly to go and do her best.  I tried to keep a good pace that wouldn't wear me out and that I could sustain til the last loop around the track.  All was well, until the second lap when my mouth got extremely dry, so I paused real quick to get a sip of water.  The last lap, I sped up and really pushed my limits.  I could feel my heart pounding in my chest.  As I rounded the last corner, I checked the Garmin and I had twenty seconds to make it to the finish line to beat my time.

It took me twenty-eight.

I didn't beat my time.  I didn't even match it.  Dissappointed, I went to go put my phone up before starting on the day's run.  Coach Ric asked us how it went.  "I didn't do it." I said flatly and with a bit of a crack in my voice.  "What didn't you do?" he asked.  "You didn't just run a mile? ...We all have bad runs.  But we run for the good ones."

He made me smile.  Last Saturday was a great run.  And I had another great run on Thursday.  I just wish I had at least matched my time.

So, next up was our three mile run.  This time I didn't feel quite so depleted after the magic mile, and we kept up our recommended pace if not a tad faster at times.  Right as we were reaching the half mark, we met up with the other groups that were on their way back.  As usual, we would be last, but most of the people are so encouraging and cheer us on anyway.

The last stretch is this parking lot from hell that just goes on forever.  It reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail where Lancelot is storming the castle, and he never seems to get any closer.  As we round the corner, we can see the groups where the track is.  Eventually most of them start moving toward the front of the school, but a few stay behind.  Then we see two figures running toward us.  Kelly joked that it was probably Coach Ric coming back to get us.  Well, as they got closer to us, we could see that it was not Coach Ric.  It was Coach Dan.  He hollered out, "Come on, ladies!"  And we laughed because he was coming to get us.  I was glad that we weren't dying and we were able to have a conversation with him.  He introduced us to a new guy to the group who is a marathon runner.  They ran it in with us, and the few people that didn't go to the front with the others cheered us on as we came in!  It was so nice. 

Then I looked down at the Garmin, and we were at 2.9 miles.  So Kelly and I had to take off again to for the last tenth of a mile to make it to three miles for a total of five miles for the day.  No records, no milestones, but a good run and great people.

I was still feeling discouraged though about my magic mile.  Coach Ric encouraged me again and reminded me that I did stop for water.  I had forgotten about that, and I'm sure those few seconds made a difference.  Another lady (I'll need to remember her name) let me know that my time was better than hers when she started running, and reminded me along with Kelly that I'll only get better.  They really are such a great group of people.  I just can't believe my luck of falling into this club.

I got home, had some eggs and bacon, and went up for a shower and a nap.  After that, I felt like a new person.  Kelly and I took our girls to this natatorium in Angleton, which is about an hour from where we live.  It's a great indoor pool with a lazy river and a huge water slide.  We had so much fun with the girls, and we even took a few turns ourselves on the slide. It was such a great time.

I guess I ended up with some magic after all.

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