Monday, September 26, 2011

Meep Meep!

I have realized that I am getting spoiled with running on the roads.  As 7:15, I took off on the trail to try to get a good run in before it got too dark.  But it is getting darker sooner now, so before I even got into the park, the sun was setting. It wasn't so bad, though.  I had my music on, but I had it on quietly; because you always want to be able to hear if some crazed park stalker is coming up behind you.  I noticed that I was anticipating the trail to end so I could run on the road.  Spoiled!

Sometimes I feel like I'm running so fast, but when it's all said and done, I'm still at 4 mph.  And I don't get it.  It seems like every time I check the Garmin I'm at a in between a 13 and 14 minute pace, but when I download the run, it still shows me at 15.  But I felt like I was faster.  I did notice that running on the trail does slow me down by an average of 40 seconds per mile.  Interesting. 

Guess I truly am a road runner. 

Meep Meep!

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