Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I was tired today.  It is a busy time at work, so most of my day was hunched over my desk submitting corrections to the state on the computer.  This did not help.  So as soon as I came home, I sat on the couch.  And fell asleep.  Sitting up.  And I think I was snoring.

Usually thirty-minute catnaps are miracle workers, but today I was still sleepy.  Knowing that I am still slacking terribly on my workouts, tiredness could not prevail.  So at 6:45, I was off to the rec center to go to Lydia's strength toning class.  I noticed there were no runners out on the bridge, probably because temperatures were up again today in the high 90's.  As I was walking in, I argued with myself.  Do I run, or do I go to class?  I wanted to run, but there's just not enough hours in the day.  In order to get home to put my little one to bed, I could only pick one.  Running outside wasn't going to happen; and the thought of running on the track does not make my smile.  Back and forth I went, but ultimately the class won out. 

Today she had us using hand weights and barbells.  Lydia was in rare form today, and she must have had something special for breakfast or something, because she was crazy!  She started us working on our quads.  Then she continued to torture the legs from there with squats and lunges and pulses and all kinds of things that hurt.  She had us use the barbells over our shoulders to add intensity to the squats.  She was constantly reminding us to pull in our abs and squeeze our butts.  Good instruction, tough workout.  Then rather than just focusing on arms, she had us integrate some bicep and triceps exercises while doing leg lifts.  Evil woman!

Last she had us work on our abs, but since the torture lasted so long on the legs, the abs only had ten minutes to suffer.  It felt so good to stretch for those last few minutes of class.  Lydia mentioned that she will be taking a vacation soon, so I guess she may be gone for a couple of classes. 

I was feeling good about the class as I left.  Then I started on my drive home, and all the runners were out.  Running over the bridge and enjoying the outdoors. It made me sad.

Until I got home, and my kiddo was waiting in her bed for me.  I was in time for hugs and kisses before she drifted off to sleep.

Now my arms feel like Jello, and I'm sure my legs will be protesting any sort of movement tomorrow.  But that's okay.  It'll feel good knowing I'm still in the game.

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