Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Luke's Locker

Yesterday, Grace Kelly and I took off after work to go to this store in Houston called Luke's Locker.  Our group is getting shirts, and we wanted to try them on to see what size we needed. 

This whole store is awesome!  There was such a huge selection of everything! Shoes, clothes, socks, nourishment and every running accessory you could imagine.  Really cool place, really great employees.

But this meant that we got home late, and I did not get my run in.

Cut to today, where I came home from work and proceeded to the couch where I fell asleep. I woke up in time for the little one's gymnastics class.  But no one was home when we returned, so again, I did not get my run in.

So I'm feeling a little discouraged and kind of like a slacker, and I knew I should do something, but it was already 8:30 and getting late, and the season premier of Modern Family was recorded and waiting to be watched, and the couch was calling my name.  But as I took a quick check of my e-mail, I had one waiting from Coach Ric.

I am overwhelmed by the time and effort this man puts into our group, and even more so by the encouragement he gives me and Kelly.  I was brought to tears by the words he wrote just for us, and I knew the couch would not win tonight.

I got up and started the Wii Active game and set it for a high intesity workout.  And it was.  It had some running, some boxing, and lots of squats.  I also rolled my eyes when it had me inline skating because all you do is squat to gain speed and the hop up when there are ramps.  Well, my laughter was short lived because apparently, I 'need to work on my timing and the strength in my legs' or something like that.  Out of 24 jumps, I only did like four correctly.  But I sure could feel it in my legs.

So thirty minutes and 230 calories later, I decided on a quick 15 minute yoga dvd.  I opted for medium intensity and relaxation.  So it started out with some pretty good sun salutations.  I didn't even curse under my breath when there was a plank in the middle of it.  The middle was stretching and the cat cow pose.  Then came the end that I love so much - shivasana, aka the corpse pose.  So I'm in my shivasana and 'letting go of the day's stresses' or whatever she is saying.  My eyes are closed, my body is completely relaxed, and all is peaceful in the world.

And then the hamster started her very loud nightly run on the wheel.  I tried to ignore it and stay in my peaceful state of mind, but I couldn't help but laugh.  She's funny, but then I realized that really, she was just rubbing it in that she's getting her run in.  And I'm not.

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