Thursday, August 4, 2011

Spinning My Wheels

I am surprised that I am about to write the next statement.  I was happy to make it to spin class this morning!

Wow!  Who knew?  I was forcing myself to get out of bed at that ungodly hour to get to this class, but after missing it for a week and a half, I was ready to get back to spinning my wheels.  I even arranged it with my boss and my mother so that I will be able to make it to class on Thursdays after school starts up.  Mom will get my second grader up and ready for school, and I will make it back to take her and drop her off.  I will go in half an hour late and take a thirty minute lunch.  All to spin.  I know now that I have lost my mind!

Unfortunately, I was late to class.  I apologized as I walked in, but Matt said, "It's okay.  You're here!"  He's so easy going.  I think the year of music was from 1998, and it was a good mix.  I quickly tried to warm up and it was in no time at all that we were doing jumps and standing work.  I found that this morning I kept putting pressure on the outside of my feet, like overpronating I guess.  I'll try to focus on that, but it's hard to remember that when I'm trying to get over 110 rpms.

It was a good class, but that's all she wrote for today as far as exercise goes.  I missed pilates because I promised my little one I would take her to my friends house.  And I'm sleepy, so I am not getting my run in today.  I hope I get some good sleep tonight.  I'll make up for it in the morning.  It's actually a scheduled day off for running club, but I am hoping getting it in early will be okay.

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