Sunday, August 7, 2011

Six Miles and Lots of Smells

August 6, 2011

So the creepy bike guy may not be a creepy bike guy after all.  Coach Ric said he's out there all the time, and sure enough when we showed up at 5:45 for our group run, he was out there.  But so was my group, so it was okay.  But as we were heading to the back of the school, it is so dark!  I think even if creepy-bike guy wouldn't have been there last week, I wouldn't have gone that way anyway.  I'm a chicken.

We started off walking until we got to the back of the school, and then Kelly and I started off with a slow jog.  The other two ladies wanted to walk a little longer, but we knew they would catch up to us, because I walk  much slower than they do.  Sure enough as we reached the first mile marker, we were together.  This week, we didn't really smell the donuts because the skunk in the area was overpowering it.  It stunk! 

Then we were making our first pass over the bridge, and they sped up.  We weren't too far behind them when we passed the mile marker at the end, and we turned around. At t his point, we were met by the odor of another kind, but I don't know specifically what it was.  But it was not pleasant.  Kelly and I realized that they were not exactly following the plan, which was fine.  We thought maybe we had it wrong and we were supposed to be running intervals, and I thought we could ask them when we met them again at the mile marker on the way back.  But when they passed the mile marker, they kept going!  I don't know why or what, but I guess they were done.  Kelly and I turned back around to head for the bridge (again!) and she was nice enough to give me a sip of water from her very small bottle.  I had forgotten my water belt again.  You think I would remember it, especially since this run was going to be a mile and a half longer!  But no, I'm waterless and the heart rate monitor part of the Garmin decided it was sleeping in.  In the entire hour and a half, it never picked up my heart rate. 

Anyway, things didn't get difficult until we turned around after the third pass of the bridge.  Adding the forth bridge was a challenge, and by this point I know I am getting dehydrated.  We started up the hill, and I pushed.  I pushed, and so did Kelly.  When she got to the top, she turned around and shouted encouragements at me.  We did it!  Now we just had to get back to the school and we would have our cold water and ice-cold towels waiting for us. 

Before we could make it back though, I started feeling kind of pissy.  Kelly's watch was giving us the intervals of 5:1, and it seemed like it was taking forever for the five minutes to finish.  Then I got mad because that's what I was afraid of-waiting for the walking breaks!  Then as we reached the back of the school, we could smell the manure from the ag barn that is right by the track.  That made me mad, too.  I asked Kelly to take another minute to the walking portion, and she did.  At that point, Coach Dan passed us and said, "How's it going ladies?" and I said, "Great.  We're going to run it in."  I didn't feel great, but we did run it in.  Then the gate we usually enter the track on was closed, so we had to go around to the other gate.  I immediately grabbed my towel, even before I got some water.  It felt like heaven, and I quickly went through a tumbler of water. 

There was discussion of the core exercises, but many people did not stay for them.  Kelly debated, but she had injured her shoulder earlier in the week by being a dare-devil on a dirt bike.  I could tell she felt bad about not doing them, but I told her she couldn't injure herself further before the Warrior Dash.

The twenty or so that were left went to the field to do the core exercises, and the plan was to do as many as we could in a minute.  And these are hard.  First up was In and Outs.  It's like a squat thrust, but with a jump at the end.  I did a few, but I did them slow, and I was pleased to hear that even those in the best of shape were struggling by the end of the minute.  Not pleased in a good way, just made me feel better that I was able to do any.  =)  Next up were jumping jacks.  Jumping jacks for a minute is a long time.  At this point, the group was trying to talk coach Dan into only doing them for 30 seconds.  By the time we got to the plank, it was only 30 seconds.  And I held it!!!  For 30 seconds!  I was proud.  However, my pride was short lived and the reverse plank was next and instead of planking on our hands, we were supposed to be on our elbows.  Well, my previous victory of holding it for a few seconds was not going to hold water here, because on my elbows, I was back to not being able to lift my bum.  I lifted slightly, like you could slide a sheet of paper under me.  Probably.  But I tried the best I could. 

They are tough exercises.

When i got home, I drank two more tumblers full of water including one with my electrolyte tablet dissolved in it.  After sitting for a few minutes quietly, I started to feel better.  I think I was even more dehydrated than I thought.  Lesson learned!  Do not forget the water belt.  I think next week, I'll also take my tumbler and set it by one of the mile markers for a quick cold sip along the way.  I saw some of our group members dropping their empty bottles and even their entire belts along the way.  I'm sure it will make a huge difference.  I also will not be eating breakfast before a run.  I thought since it was a longer run, I would eat the peanut butter with a flax waffle.  I did that on the 5K day, too; but I think it makes me feel more sluggish. 

It's all in a learning curve.

Once I was feeling back to normal, we took off for a family day on the beach.  I walked along the shore with my daughter and found shells and we build sand towers.  I saw people running, too. It was kind of surreal, like they were moving in slow motion.  (like Baywatch, but without the hot men and women)  The people that I saw were just average people, but having the ocean as a backdrop just made the act of running just look effortless.  I'll would love to try it sometime.  It just looks wonderful.

I did also try to get over my fear of natural open waters, but I think maybe a lake or pond is more of a place to do that.  I made it up to my knees before I felt some seaweed and freaked out. 

Oh well.  I really don't have to get into the ocean today. I ran six miles.  One big milestone is enough.

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