Monday, August 15, 2011

Scattered Running

I had a doctor's appointment this morning, just a regular checkup, so I stayed home for the first part of the day.  I thought I would wake up early and hit the gym, and I would have plenty of time before my appointment to get in a good workout.  But I had taken NyQuil before I went to bed in hopes of cleaning out some of my yucky congestion and I think it made me a little more sleepy than normal. So I woke up and thought, I need to get up and get dressed.  So I did, and I started packing my bag, and then I woke up and realized that the getting up part I had only dreamt.  That happened several times.  By the time I actually woke up, it was time for me to get up and get ready.  Luckily (or unluckily) my appointment was cancelled, and so I ended up having plenty of time for the gym after all.

I have been neglecting weight training for way to long now, so I went straight to the weight room to tackle the circuit training.  I started out with a seven minute warm up on the recumbent bike before picking up my weights. I got the bosu ball and the exercise ball and hit the mat.  Considering my lapse in training, it went pretty well.  It was tough, but it always has been, so that's ok.  I did two sets of twelve reps each of the nine exercises.  It felt good.  OR maybe I was just happy to be done with it; I don't know.  On my way out of the room, I added another set of triceps exercises.  They were burning.

Next I went up to the track to get my run in.  Today's run had to be 45 minutes.  I decided today's run would be kind of haphazard in the way that I would not count the number of running laps before walking a lap.  I would just go.  But I actually ended up counting them anyway-at least for the first fifteen minutes.  After that I ran two, walked one, ran one, walked one, ran three, walked one, etc...  I then figured out I liked having more structure, so I got out my phone and turned on one of the running apps with intervals.  On one of the e-mails Coach Ric sent it, it had training intervals as suggested by Jeff Galloway set by our training pace.  For my pace it was 30 second run, 1 minute walk.  So I set the phone that way.  When it was time to run, I ran. Fast. Then I walked to recover.  I did this for the last fifteen minutes.  I liked it, and I felt really good after.

Next I had to hit the showers to make it back to work for the last half of the day.  Today's forgotten item was a towel.  That really sucks, because you have to dry off somehow.  What makes it even worse is after I "improvised" drying off, I had a towel in my car the whole time.

Oh well.  It was a good workout and I'm happy to have gotten it in early in the day.  Tonight is my women's group and we're having dinner.  I'll try to be good, but I'm glad for the calorie deficit today.

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