Monday, August 8, 2011

Rec Center Runs

Today I met our partner in crime and fellow Warrior Princess, Holly!  She's the daughter of a wonderful woman I work with, but I had never met her face to face.  So Yea!  We have a great group, and I can't believe it's only 103 days away!

When I got home, my mom had cooked dinner; and it smelled wonderful.  I really just wanted to eat, but she was going to water aerobics.  My husband said I should just go ahead and go now to get my run in rather than waiting till later.  I didn't argue, and I took off with my mom.  I figured I could get my run in and join the last half of water aerobics.

So I took off upstairs, and started my run.  Today the enjoyment of running the track had worn off, and I found myself getting bored.  So I tried to distract myself with other things.  When Buble's version of Crazy Little Thing Called Love played, I thought of my daughter dancing with her drill team when she was in high school.  When Waka Waka played, I thought of my Saturday Zumba class.  I just tried to distract myself for the 40 minutes I was to run.  Also today was kind of a mental thing too.  It takes ten times to make one mile so it plays tricks on you when your making your rounds, and it looks like you've gone a good distance, but you've only run a tenth of a mile.  I don't know but that's my second run up there where I didn't really get into the zone.  Maybe I need to make it a point to get back outdoors.  It's just so hot!!!

After my run, I went and quickly got dressed for water aerobics.  I made it right at the half mark, and got in a good thirty minutes.  She had us do lots of different arm exercises with the water weights.  I could definitely feel my tripcepts working.  Then she had us lay down and move our abs.  I could feel that, too. I really liked getting another good workout in after my run.  The best part was I got to cool off while doing it.

Now I'm up too late watching Forensic Files.  I have an all day training in Houston tomorrow, so I really should get upstairs.  But I have to find out who did it and how they caught them first. 

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