Saturday, August 13, 2011

Magic Mile

Somehow I thought that since today's run was only going to be five miles with no bridges, it was going to be easier.  I say "only" like I run five miles all the time and it's a piece of cake, but I just mean that it's less than six and no bridges.  Anyway, I thought this but I wasn't accounting for the magic mile.

The magic mile-we run as fast as we can pretty much at our max heart rate.  It wore me out.  Kelly and I started out for our warm up mile; but as we were finishing up our second lap, the line up for the magic mile was already starting.  I was excited about seeing how much I improved, and I was hoping I might be the one with the biggest improvement, being that I have so much room for it.

We took off, and we pretty much stayed together for the first half mile.  For a quarter of it, I led our group and that felt pretty good.  I've never really been first at anything.  In the third lap though, I had to slow down.  I slowed down for the length of the football field, and then I did my best to catch up.  I was pushing it, and I was doing fine until I coughed.  I've been extremely congested this past week, and my nose was completely stuffed.  So when I coughed it threw off my breathing and I had to fight to get it back under control.  Right around the last loop of the mile, I had almost caught up to Kelly and Julie, but they sprinted the last length of the field to run in.  I was not far behind, and my time called out by Coach Ric was 12:18.

12:18!  That's a whole minute and twelve seconds faster than that very first magic mile.  I was so happy, I wanted to cry; but I couldn't because I was too busy gasping for air.  =)

Our next task was to run another three miles (with no bridges) at our own pace and taking intervals in as needed.  So we take off, and my legs feel like they weigh a thousand pounds.  First we thought we would do our 5:1 intervals, but we weren't doing so well.  After fidgeting and somewhat running and walking, we decided we would do 1:1 intervals.  Grace Kelly set her watch and it started to beep every minute to indicate when to run and when to walk. At one point, it felt pretty good, but around the mile mark, it started hitting me again.  Julie was already ready to turn around, so we agreed to get down to the next street first and then we would turn around a little bit early.  I gave her one of my water bottles to help cool her off.  We kept up with the intervals, and as we got closer to the school, I was really tired and ready to stop. We turned back into the parking lot to get back to the track.  We were almost done. Kelly's watched beeped for our walking portion, and as we were walking I said, "Kelly, if that watch beeps again for us to run, I'm going to have to rip it off your wrist and stomp on it!"  On cue, it did beep, and Kelly started running.  "If I can catch you!" I added.

But I didn't catch her.  And rock star that she is, once we got back, she finished up the half mile that we missed for our warm up mile.

As we were waiting for all runners to come back in, Coach Rick told me that it is normal for the run to be harder after the magic mile.  That made me feel better, but I still feel like I flaked out. 

Next up was our core exercise contest.  We got paired up with a team mate who would count and log our times.  First my partner, Jack, went.  Our first exercise was jumping jacks.  The timer went off and he started doing them.  I counted out loud every tenth one, and he did 89 of them in a minute.  I was kind of embarrassed because I knew I could come no where near that number.  It was my turn, and I started.  I had to take a quick break around 45 seconds, and then I kept going.  A minute is a long time when doing jumping jacks, but I made through a total of 65 which is better than I thought I would do.  And considering I wouldn't even attempt to even do a jumping jack six months ago, I think it's stellar!  Next up was the plank.  Of course it would have to be the plank!  Jack was first, and he held his plank for an entire minute!  The contest was tough and the girl that held her plank the longest was almost four minutes!!  Four minutes!!!  Next up was my turn, and I was nervous.  I laid down on the wet grass, and got into position.  I held that plank, and the time was being called out every five seconds.  I thought, I've got to try to hold this for a minute.  I was shaking from the get go, and I wondered.  I tried to occupy my thoughts, but it was tough. As I heard the minute mark called out, I smiled.  I pooped out at 1 minute 11 seconds.  That's a record. 

So the way I thought the contest worked was that we were competing within our group.  Which means I won the plank contest. Kelly probably would have won, but her shoulder is still recovering from her wild dirt bike ride.  But that's not how it worked.  I think he gave it to the top three winners overall.  Well deserved I might add.

Then there was the magic mile contest.  I didn't win that one, but I did have the second best improved time.  I was hoping for one of those fabulous gift cards, but instead I got a flashing LED light to use while running. It's neat, but I don't run at night.  But it was fun to get a prize anyway and the people I have gotten to know where really excited for me.  I was really proud of my time today, just disappointed in how I ran after.

It's all still new, so I'll see what next week holds.  It's a longer mileage run with no hills and no magic mile.  I hope I feel better and more in the zone for it.  I've come this far, and I just have to push myself to keep going further.

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