Thursday, August 25, 2011

Laughter and Calories

Grace Kelly and I decided to go to Zumba today.  I was feeling kind of grumpy when I got there, and I was irritated that I didn't go running.  We FINALLY got some rain today, so it was cooler and not quite so humid.  It would have been a good day for a run.  So this was part of my bad attitude while I'm waiting for Zumba to start.

For some reason, I wasn't really feeling it; and I could tell Kelly wasn't either.  We were working hard, but we just didn't have that same spunk to our moves.  About half way through class that damn Ricky Martin song came on.  As we went to get water, I looked at Kelly and said, "I'm sitting this one out!"   And then I saw my friend, Tammy.  So while Kelly was trying to get into Ricky, Tammy and I caught up.  The next song came on, and we stayed in the back.  This was probably a bad thing because its harder to see her up there because she's really tiny.  But then she started this move with her hip and moving her arms up and down and clapping.  We couldn't figure out what the heck she was doing up there.  Kelly and Tammy tried their best, but I broke out into my own freestyle dance sequence.  And then we all started laughing.  We continued on, but when that same move came up again, I looked over, and Tammy was breaking into my freestyle dance sequence.  I lost it at that point.  And we were all laughing for the rest of the song.

 Then all of a sudden this guy was behind us.  I asked Kelly when he got there because I swear he wasn't there the whole time.  He danced for a while, but during the last song, he opted to do some ab work.  I saw him get down into a plank, and I rolled my eyes because why would you do a plank without being instructed to do so.  Then he stretched, and that is when Tammy saw him on the ground.  Her eyes got wide as can be when she saw him down there, and I could tell she thought we had lost one.  I expected her to start yelling, "Man down!!"   (She's a nurse)

So, although I wasn't really feeling all groovy, I am so glad I went to class.  Spending time with these ladies tonight was definitely what I needed. Laughing is so great, and I think I needed that more than the exercise itself. 

And Laughing burns calories too, you know.  Probably like 10!

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