Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Heat Wave

I feel like I'm losing my gumption.  I know I've been taking more days off than normal, and I feel like all I've been concentrating on is running.  I'm scared of losing my obsession with exercising.  Is it the heat?  Is it me?

Any suggestions?

I was sitting outside while my little one and the neighborhood kids were playing in a tent in the front yard.  In the shade it wasn't quite so bad.  This is surprising being that the temperatures every day are forecasted to be over 100 degrees.  Not only that but my husband said there was a heat advisory until 10:00 pm.  PM!!!  As we were wrapping things up to come in, I thought I might go ahead and get an outdoor run in while she was getting her bath.  I've missed running outside; it's just so hot it makes it hard. 

I suited up and hit the trail.  It was already getting late, and the old man who lives on the corner house shouted to me, "You better hurry!"  I passed up some walkers and was enjoying being on the trail that I have come to miss. It didn't take long before the front of my shirt was soaking wet, and sweat was getting into my eyes. I debated quickly which way to go since my daylight was fading rather fast. Rather than go into the park, I went ahead and made the turn and ran on the sidewalks by the neighborhood.  As I turned, I looked at the trail I was skipping, and I saw this other runner who I say is really a gazelle disguised as a man.  He must have been using that portion of the trail to get in his hill work.  He should try the Bailey bridge!

Once I got to the road by city hall, there was a nice steady breeze and it was wonderful.  I can hardly wait for the fall when things cool off.  I guess here in Texas that might actually be winter, but I anxiously await it nonetheless.

It was pretty dark as I turned back onto my street.  I was disappointed that I only got a 26 minute run in, but happy that I didn't have to do it at the gym again.  As I walked back up to my house, I took a minute to stretch my calves.  As I stretched, I balanced myself against the house.  As my hand touched the bricks, I could feel the heat radiating from them but at the same time, I felt like the heat from my hand was transferring to the house as well.  It was weired, and I reminded me of Ghost when Patrick Swayze touches the door and it starts to meld into his arm. 

Weird, I know.

So, no rain in sight and temperatures over 100 degrees every day.  I need help!  I need my gumption!

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