Monday, August 29, 2011


I've never been there, but today's motivation was inspired by Africa.  A few months ago, I watched an episode of Oprah with a guest, Tererai Trent from Zimbabwe.  Against numerous odds, she earned her Ph.D.  Now she is building schools in her hometown.  Her website is  Tinogona-It Is Achievable. 

It is achievable. 

So as I'm running around the track at the rec center (over and over and over again), I thought of her when I was getting tired before the first mile was even over.  It is achievable.  I can keep going, and I know this because I have done it.  Even though the last mile of each run is the hardest, and even though Kelly is probably going to dump me as her running buddy because I get cranky during that last mile, I have done it.  So keep going.  It is achievable.

As I'm thinking of this woman and telling myself to suck it up, Shakira comes through my headphones singing the lyrics, "When you fall down get up...If you fall down get up...Cause this is Africa"  I love that song, so picking up the pace and getting into the groove was just a little easier.

After that, my sister's comment to yesterday's post came to mind.  Coach Dan had said, "It's not supposed to be easy..."  Now I don't think Coach Dan is from Africa, but he was inspiration today, too.  With these factors all combined, I got through my three mile run much better than what it started out to be.  It took me right at 45 minutes.  I felt strong.  I felt good. And I felt like I accomplished something, even if it was just conquering my own negative thoughts. 

It was a good run.  I want to order one of the t-shirts from Tererai's website.  I think it would be a great t-shirt for those doubt-filled days when you need a reminder:

Tinogona-It is achievable

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