Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What a Pain

Seriously.  I need to go see the chiropractor.  My hip is still bothering me and getting worse and now my right leg in the side shin area is acting up.  It's even messing with my ability to walk normally.  Like I have time for this.

Today's assigned run was for 20 to 30 minutes.  By the time I got my little one to bed, it was getting too dark to go running.  I sat around for five minutes debating on what to do before heading up to the rec center.  I didn't really want to run on the track again, and my legs were bothering me; so I figured I could do the elliptical for a while and that would be gentler. 

I signed up for the interval training on the elliptical for twenty minutes.  What a mistake for the gentler workout.  It started me out on level ten.  It quickly escalated to higher levels.  The tension was getting so high that I was having to push really hard.  Which is fine, but the machine didn't like the fact that I was slowing down.  It kept telling me to speed up and then would pause like it was sighing in exasperation at me.  I really was trying to speed up, but it wasn't enough for the holier-than-thou machine.  What does it expect at level twenty?  So rather than setting it for another fifteen minutes, I went upstairs.  My legs felt better, so I thought it would be okay.

There was very little traffic on the track today, but by the time I got to my starting point, my legs were starting to bothering me again. Whatever!  I took off for the run-four,walk-one runs that I've been doing.  After a mile, I thought I would go ahead and stop.  I was close enough to twenty minutes and satisfied with the way it had gone.  But when I was finishing the walking lap, a really good song came on and I wanted to run it.  So I did.  I ran.  Fast.  I ran at what I think my magic mile pace would be.  It felt really good, but once I slowed down the discomfort immediately started coming back. 

What is that?  How can I not be in any kind of pain when I'm abusing my body (dramatic effect here) and then feel EVERYTHING when I'm walking normally.  I don't get it.  What I do get is that I can't run everywhere I go, so a visit to the chiropractor is going to have to happen before next running club day.

What a pain!

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