Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tropical Storm Don

Yesterday, I went to see Dr. Tracey, my chiropractor so she could fix me.  And she did.  She made me cry a little first, but she fixed me.  So my hips are in great shape, and my shins are knot free, and I'm ready to go.

Now It's 5:40 in the morning.  I am out of bed, dressed, and ready.  However, this #^$)*! storm in the gulf is giving us rain.   Which is not a problem as Coach Ric said we would be running even if it was raining cats and dogs.  The problem comes in because there is thunder and lightning outside which is one of the two reasons coach gave us for not showing up this morning.  So I am here, in my running clothes, not going to run.

I am not happy.

And I hate tropical storm Don.  >=(

UPDATE: I decided to head up to the school to see if the other ladies from my group were going to show up.  They didn't.  But there were lots of cars, so I know the other groups had already taken off.  As I sat in my car waiting for them, I noticed the lightning was gone.  I sat there for a while debating on what to do.  Do I go home?  It was still kind of dark, so that was a deterrent since I am afraid of, like, everything!  I didn't have my Garmin, I didn't have my water belt, and I didn't have my arm band for my phone and I would have to have music since I would be alone and I was afraid it might rain. 

I found a Ziploc baggy in my purse, so I wrapped my phone it it.  That would work.  I'll just go ahead and run, I thought.  And as on cue, there was a streak of lightning and this creepy guy on rode by on a bike.  He looked at me.  These two things made me change my mind.  I emailed the coach and told him I was going home since my group was not there, there was lightning, and there was some random creepy guy on a bike.  Then I sat and argued with myself for a few more minutes.  I looked at the radar and saw that the rain was no where near us and the lightning was far away, so I changed my mind and decided to stay.  I e-mailed the coach AGAIN and then I saw the creepy guy in the back of the school where I was supposed to start.  So rather than start back there, I went straight to Bailey Road in the front of the school, and just cut off a little mileage from my run.  I knew I would feel safer when I started seeing the other groups.

By now, it's 6:25 and of course, the light is starting to come out.  The really unfair part of the whole thing is there is a donut shop right on the corner that I had to pass, and you could smell the freshly made donuts.  RUDE!

It wasn't too long before the first groups were coming my way and we were passing each other.  Most of them were very nice and said hello to me in recognition, not just passing runners.  It made me feel good, like I was a part of them even though I'm not in their group.  Coach Daniel and Coach Ric both said I was doing great as they were passing me, and it just gave me an extra bounce in my step.  The first bridge felt good, and I forgot to stop running when I got to the top, but not too far.  As I was getting to the last mile marker, I turned around and a group of ladies was coming toward me.  One of them asked if I needed water and gave me a bottle from her belt.  So nice!  I was grateful for it since I didn't have mine. 

Second bridge, not too bad; although this time I did not forget to stop at the top.  =)  My legs were feeling great (Thanks Dr. Tracey!) and the walking portions of the walk were not bothering me much at all.  The third bridge got my heart rate up again, but it felt better than last week.  I got to the top and I felt great!  A train was even passing by underneath me, and the cars passing by were giving me nice breezes. 

I started my trip back to the back of the school assuming that creepy bike guy was gone and knowing that there was a group behind me.  I had to guess on my intervals back but I think I did okay.  I reached the track and got my nice ice-cold towel and was met by many encouraging words from the other runners.  I thought there would be a contest on cross training exercises, but they decided against it since the weather was not it's best.  We'll be judged in our groups, and I thought I should push for competing today since my group was gone and it would guarantee that I would win! 

To sum up, I ran 4.1 miles in one hour and six minutes.  Yep! That's right!  I got my rock moves!

And to continue with those rock moves, I met Kelly and Tangila an hour later for zumba!  I have missed this class, and I was ready for it. The only mistake I made was not re-applying deodorant before class, because by the end of it, I was pretty stinky.  But as always, Renae's class is like a party full of friends.  I was feeling pretty good until about half way into class.  Then I realized I was tired.  Luckily for me, she had some of the old favorites in there which got me back into the groove, and it made for a continued great workout. 

When I got home, I announced that I was DONE for the day.  The rest of the day is for fun and family.  And tropical storm Don's effects are already gone.  The sun is out and I'm convinced he was just trying to sabotage my run.


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  1. Guess that rude-stinkin' Don didn't know he was dealin' with a true WP! Rock on warrior princess!