Tuesday, July 12, 2011

She's Got Legs!

I never thought it would happen, but there are such things as miracles.  I woke up on time, loaded my bag, packed my lunch, and made it to spin class on time!  Two people came in after me!  Then when I went to shower and get dressed, I remembered everything-even my shoes!  Amazing, right?

So today's class was set to 1984 music.  We heard Queen, Duran Duran, Heuy Lewis-all upbeat and fun songs.  But the vote for most ironic was ZZ Top's Legs.  As Matt was reminding us of working on our pedal strokes and torturing our quads, I was all too aware of my legs.  He wasn't as "crazy" as he was last Thursday, but it was a good workout.  The exciting part for me was my ability to reach 90 rpm's pretty easily.  Only four weeks ago (I think) that speed was almost unattainable for me.  Now, that flat road pace is reachable and maintainable.  When he pushes us to sprint or reach 100 rpm's or more, I can do it.  Now it's 110 and 115 that I have to stive to reach and maintain.  I also don't feel like I'm going to die after the first fifteen minutes like before. 

Matt likes to quiz us during class for the different music that is played.  He asks if we know the band and sometimes he throws in trivia about the bands.  It's just a good class.  He's a really great instructor.  As we were leaving , Kelly thought we should request 1991 music.  I suggested 1990 because that's the year my oldest was born.  So she went back and put her request in; now we have to be sure to show up on Thursday since he agreed to play it.

After last night's run and this spin class, my hips were kind of tightening up on me.  I looked at my running schedule, and I was scheduled to have a 20-30 minute run tonight.  I would have to stretch before the run, but when I got home I made the mistake of laying on the couch for a minute.  All of a sudden, I hit a wall; and I was sleepy!  But this was not one of those days where you can get away with a ten minute cat nap, so I took my little one outside to play some hopscotch.  We went in to play with the hamster, and I didn't take off for my run until a little after 7:30. 

There was lots of shade and a nice breeze.  Today it took me right at four minutes to reach the lower end of my target heart rate.  I tried to keep my prescribed slow pace, but I still ended up averageing my half marathon pace.  I'll have to email the coach to see what he says about that.  But the other thing is that I never did reach the maximum end of my target heart rate, so I got to run the whole time.  I stopped when I reached my mail box, and my time was 30:33.  I walked down the street to cool down, and my legs started to curse at me.  They were done, so I stretched as best I could and went inside.

Tomorrow there is no running on the schedule.  I assume my legs will be happy about that. I guess I shouldn't tell them that we are signed up to do our first official 5K.  Or that Thursday's run is 50 minutes.  >=)


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