Sunday, July 10, 2011

Running Club

My husband works with this woman named Lynn.  She runs.  She runs half marathons and triathlons.  She is awesome!  She mentioned on one of his facebook posts that there was a running club starting up, and I should join it.  After several messages back and forth, I decided to do it.  I was apprehensive and intimidated, but this whole journey is about stepping out of my comfort zone. I gave the information to Grace Kelly, and she was ready to sign up too.  So I sent the coach an e-mail and woke myself up at 4:30 this morning to get ready for it.

We started with a warm-up mile.  It was still dark out and very humid, so Kelly and I trotted around the track while catching up on the week. 

The next mile was called a "Magic Mile" which is a mile that we run as fast as we can, and the coach uses it to calculate our pace for the various upcoming training runs.  Kelly and I joined the first group to go for the half-marathoners.  We were on the outer edges of the track, so the coach had instructed us on when to move to the inner aisle.  When we did this Kelly was slightly ahead of me, so I shouted to her, "Go, Kelly!"  And she did.  She finished with an awesome time of somewhere around 12 minutes!  I finished with a 13:30 time, which I think is a record for me.  That calculates to a 4.44 mph pace.  I felt it though, because I think my heart rate was up; but I felt good after it.

After that, he split us into groups.  He put Kelly in a pretty advanced group, but she asked if she could hang back with me.  He said okay, but we still weren't together.  He started with me and two other girls; we were the slowest.  He told us to run in 30 second intervals.  We were to run to this bridge that was about .75 miles away and return.  Kelly's group was supposed to run to the top of the bridge and walk back down, then run back.  Others were supposed to go to the opposite side of the bridge and still others had to go past the bridge to the main road a little over a mile away.

I was disappointed that he didn't ask me to run up that bridge.  I have done it before, and I felt like I could have tackled it today.  But I went into this knowing that he is an experienced runner, and I would listen and try to do as he asked. 

We started out.  I had the Garmin so I called out each 30 seconds.  The other two girls are new to running too.  One made it through the first five minutes.  After that, she hung back a little and I think she walked the rest.  The other girl stayed with me a little longer.  She was getting tired so I slowed my pace a little to stay with her.  She wanted to stop at 25 seconds, so I encouraged her, "five more seconds! Come on!"  The next 30 seconds, she rocked it, but then she had to stop and walk because her side was starting to bother her.  So I kept at it by myself until I made it to the bridge, then turned around and kept going until I was back at the track.  I was another mile and a half, and even though I was doing intervals of walking and running, my time was pretty good and right at 3.8 mph.

I talked to the coach a little bit since I was the first one to make it back.  He said he was going to put me on a modified training plan for the half marathon.  I guess he thinks I still  have some work to do, too.  But he was great about giving me props for even being there, and said that was the hardest part.  I don't know how I feel about the whole modified thing.  I kind of feel like I was more advanced than the run he gave me today.  I have no desire at this point in the game to run a half marathon, but I know I could have made the bridge.

I"m anxious to see the schedule he puts out. But I'm concerned about Kelly.  She does want to run a half marathon, and I don't want to hold her back.  I want to be her biggest cheerleader!

After getting home, it wasn't long before zumba was supposed to start.  So since I was already sweaty and smelly, I took off for another hour to shake my stuff.  But, alas, Renae wasn't there.  The zumba gold teacher was there, but she was not prepared to sub, so Tangila and I sat there for a few minutes to decide what to do.  She talked about going up to the track, but I was done with running for the day.  So she said, "You wanna run through the circuit?" 
"FINE! GEEZ!" I answered as she twisted me arm so tight!
So we grabbed our weights and ran through the circuit twice.  That's a hard core workout.  We did a five minute cool down on the elliptical and then went to the mat to stretch.  I could have fallen asleep so easily as soon as I had to lay down to stretch, but I thought they might frown on that.  So instead, I went home to celebrate my husband's birthday. 

We met some great friends for a tapas lunch and then came home for a nap. (Thank goodness!)  Later, we went down to Galveston to walk around and spend a few minutes with our feet in the ocean.

I'm hoping that between running club and circuit training that I can break even on calories today.  Tapas are so yummy, but not very low-cal.

I'll stick with running club, but not next Saturday.  Kelly and I are signed up to run a 5K in Clear Lake. It's the Rendezvous Lunar Run.  It's my first race, so I'm excited and nervous.  For Kelly, it's the first in a couple of  years; but I know she'll be great!

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