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July 2, 2011

It was garage sale weekend at our house.  Friday and Saturday's exercises consisted of working our garage sale in Texas heat!  We were the lucky ones; we had shade.  My neighbor Jamie had no shade for her sale, but she had a nice set up in her garage complete with TV and fans.  There was lots of moving of boxes, loading and unloading, walking back and forth, etc.  We had lots of stuff.  We did pretty well, but when we had to pack it all back up, it seemed like we didn't get rid of anything!  Garage sales are a funny thing.  It seems ridiculous to barter of things that are less than a dollar.  Part of me is like, "Fine, I just need to get rid of it!" and the other part of me is like, "why are you hassling me over 50 cents!"  But the nice part is is when you see someone find something that truly excites them or makes them happy.  We had this little Yoda action figure in a box that a little boy saw.  His grandmother told him to put it back, so I asked him if he would like to take him home.  His eyes lit up! He shook his head yes, so I handed it to him.  He was so excited and said "Thanks!!" and gave me a hug.  It made my day.  =)

Luckily for us on the first day, my friend Tiffany called us to come swimming at her house, so it was perfect timing for us to cool off and relax before getting ready for my little one's birthday party the next day.  We swam with them for a couple of hours before taking off to Party City and the grocery store for a cake.

Saturday, we wrapped it all up by noon.  Everything was in boxes and back in the garage ready for donation.  Mom came in and fixed everyone a glass of water.  I got mine and laid down under the ceiling fan in the living room, which is what I do most of the time when I come in from my runs.  My mom brought a small fan and set it in front of me.  My little one brought me a pillow and her snuggie, and before I knew it it was forty minutes later.  What a great nap!

The rest of the afternoon, we prepared party favor bags and cut up fruit before heading to the pool for her 7th birthday party.  My oldest daughter made it, too!  She was finishing work at a dance intensive and drove from school to get here. It was a great party, and luckily the cake was just enough for the kids and all the guests but not me.  =)

In between all of this, we (or I should say my husband) bought our little one a hamster for her birthday.  It's a little bitty robo hamster and he is tiny and lightning fast.  She said he's a hot rod, so she called him Roddy.  Within 18 hours, he was loose in the house.  He is super fast, so it was no surprise that this happened.  We set up traps in the house consisting of little ladders made of books that led to food in a bucket.  Right before bed, I saw him crawling from under my mom's bed to a pile of shoes.  I called for reinforcement from my oldest daughter and we cornered him.  My daughter had him in her hands screaming, "What do I do?? What do I do??" 
"Put him in the cage!"
We were cracking up, and the little one was quite happy to see him in the morning.  I think we're going to have to take him back for a more friendly hamster.  Robo hamsters do not really like people; the really only like each other.  I hope she can find one that will be a little nicer to her.  This one has bit her twice and me once.  But he is funny to watch. 

In his short weekend with us, Roddy has given us all excitement and had our heart rates going.  But I'm not counting that.

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