Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ready or Not, Here I Run

I think the best part of running in the 5K was getting the little one excited about running.  That is pretty awesome.  However, I did not think it was awesome when I was not even out of bed on Sunday morning when I hear her telling her daddy that mom was taking her running and she was getting dressed.  At least she let me sit down with a cup of coffee first.  ;)

We walked to the trail to get started and she had decided to take her Camelbak, which turned out to need a new nozzle and didn't really work anyway.  It did distract her for the first bit, but then she did take off and she made it a little further than Saturday.  She'll do great, and I love her excitement.  We hung out at the park for a little while, but we had to head back because she was going earring shopping with her papa and grandma.  If I had any doubt that she was enthusiastic about her new found hobby, I have none now and she apparently told everyone she came in contact with at the mall that her momma was in a race and she was going to be racing too.   =)

That was pretty much it for Sunday as far as exercise goes.  Monday morning, I got up to try to get my run in early.  I didn't pack my bag the night before, so I was a little slow getting started.  By the time I got to the gym, I had time for a twenty minute run.  Not much, but better than nothing.  I got on the treadmill and did a slow 22 minutes.  I did not have my heart rate monitor, so I kept checking it on the treadmill.  I barely reached the lower range of my "zone" but I couldn't keep going because I had to get to work.

When I got to the dressing rooms, I realized I not only forgot my shoes.  Again.  I had forgotten my makeup!!  CURSES!!!  I decide to skip the make up because I have shoes in the car.  They are flip flops which are a no no, but they are nice flip flops and I'm thinking maybe I can get away with it for one day.

There's only one shoe in the car!

When I begrudgingly drive home, the other shoe was in the driveway.  Probably laughing at me!  I guess on the plus side, I got to put on some makeup too. 

I didn't make it to spin class this morning because
1. women's group ran late last night, and I was tired
2. I had to make breakfast for the office luncheon
3. I opted to sit on my bum and watch Oprah before getting ready for work

Not a fabulous use of my time, but I'm entitled once in a while.  Right?  The only problem is that statement was running through my head when I got to work and started to munch.  The breakfast casserole was very good, but not very good for me.  And neither was the 1/2 donut that ended up on my plate. But it didn't stop there.  One of the ladies brought in some sort of Paula Dean brownie.  Lunch was hot dogs and Manwhiches.  There was no trace of veggies or fruit in sight.  I was so far off my wagon, it was terrible.  The worse part is, it was the biggest waste of calories.  I only ate 1/2 my hot dog and 1/2 a Manwhich on a wheat bun.  The Manwhich was good, but the rest, I could have done without.  Usually someone brings a salad and maybe that would have been the sounding board, but live and learn.  For the amount of calories that I ate, it could have been wasted on something much better.

Grace Kelly was at my rescue though.  She came over tonight, and we did our training run for the club.  We ran a 5K by running for five minutes and walking for one.  It was a mixed run of good and bad.   I felt weighed down, probably from all the food in the afternoon.  Also, it was hot.  The last thing I will complain about is that it is hard to get used to this walk/run pace.  I know it's good for me and everything, but my legs are hurting me like they used to when I started.  I guess my legs are readjusting; at least I hope that's what it is. 

The good thing is that we were out there and we did it.  I surely did not want to, and even when we got started I wasn't really ready for it.  But I'm glad we did.  We would have felt even worse if we had not gotten any exercise in with all the junk.  Also, when we were taking off, some yahoo in a car slowed down to check us out.  I always joke that people think we are totally hot, but this guy was really checking us out.  Too funny.  He was pretty obvious.

We ran (and walked) for 51 minutes. After we were finished, we sat outside on the deck for a little while while the girls played in the hot tub.  There were so many birds out, and we even saw a cardinal in the tree above the garage.  The most interesting sound though was a bullfog.  I never did find out where he was, but it was close.

We were drinking water, and I realized that I didn't even want dinner.  Everything sounded really gross and kind of made me sick to my stomach. 

Lesson learned: Don't binge.  And if you are going to over do it, you should do it for a good reason or for food that you really are treating yourself with.  Hot dogs and Fritoes don't make that cut.

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