Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gringos and Amigos!

I was so sleepy yesterday.  I downloaded Jaycee Dugard's memoir, and I stayed up too late reading it.  I told me little one that we would be going to bed early because mommy was tired, which apparently was the wrong thing to do since she interpreted that as "I shouldn't sleep!"

She was up.  And up.  And up.  Which ultimately means that I am up which equals another night of not enough sleep.  But, we requested 1990 music for spin class; so I had to get out of bed and head up there!

And I did.  But the 90's music that was playing is definitely not the 90's music I remember.  It was awful.  Even Matt said that he had a hard time finding music from 1990 that wasn't incredibly slow.  I must have been listening to Cd's or tapes or whatever I had at that time, because although I did remember the some of the music, it sucked!

But class was good.  We have discovered that when Matt has a full size towel to wipe off with, we're in trouble.  Like last Thursday, he had a big towel.  Even though he had a smaller towel today, it was a tough workout with lots of standing work.  Today I tried to concentrate on my standing speed.  I usually slow down substantially when I stand up, but today I tried to improve.  It really is a lot of bum work when you stand and try to maintain speed.  That's probably the point, but I've been missing it since I slow down so much.

I was still tired, and I swear I could have fallen asleep walking in to work.  But I perked up until around two when the sleepiness settled in again.  I knew I would have to run for 50 minutes tonight, so really a nap was in order.  But instead I met my friend Tangila and her friend Laura at our local Mexican restaurant, Gringos.  We had the best time and I had two happy-hour margaritas.  Somehow I think that ruined my 50 minute run for tonight.

But I will make up for it in the morning.  If I can wake up early enough, I can get the run in before 7 am, and that should give me some recover time before the 5K on Saturday. 

This, of course, is the best laid plan.  Let's hope it comes to fruition. 

But I have to say, after a rough week, I don't think I can regret having those margaritas with my amigas today.  Sometimes laughter is just as good for the soul as exercise.

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