Monday, July 11, 2011


Luckily, yesterday was a cross training day, because I didn't get a run in and I didn't really do much of anything else that could be considered exercise.  And it was really worse than that because with back-to-back birthday's, there was much cake in the house.

I'm really pretty good about not eating cake, but the youngest one's wish for the day was that everyone had ice cream cake in the hot tub.  So that's what we did.  And then I had a sliver of tiramisu which I had bought for my husband's celebration.

Today, I had to get back on the wagon.  Unfortunately, the wagon passed my house this morning, and I didn't wake up in time to go to the gym.  But this evening would be fine for a run, and I could start the first run of my new training.  I waited until about 7:00 to start, but it was still so warm.  Luckily (I guess) my new regimen was a very slow pace.  My current half marathon training pace is an 18 minute mile which is what I'm supposed to target during the week.  No problem.  I know I can do that.  I was to run at this pace until I got my heart rate up to 160 and then walk until it came back down to 144 and then start running again.  Easy right?

Well, I'm sure it will get easy, but there were so many things to think about.  First I was running too fast.  Unusual for me, huh?  I got to my lower target heart rate pretty quickly, so I tried to slow down, but it was really slow.  So I kept going and it took me about 18 minutes before I was up to the upper zone of my target heart rate, but I only got there because I was going faster than my prescribed 3.3 mph.  So it was time for me to stop and walk.  And it was so hard to do that.  I have never allowed myself to stop before, and it was difficult to make that transition and know that it was okay.  I was not quitting; I was following a training plan.  I went another thirty seconds before I actually let myself start to just walk. So I walked and I was happy to find that my heart rate came back down in less than a minute, so I was off and running again.  It went on like this for the next 30 minutes, but the heart rate rose more quickly toward the end of the run. 

To sum up, my total time was 49 minutes, my total distance was 2.9 miles, and my average speed was 3.6 mph, or a 16:52 minute mile.  That's a little faster than my prescribed pace, but I felt like I was going as slow as I could. I am happy with it, and I think my coach will be too.

It was definitely a more challenging run.  Making the mind shift to stopping and walking was difficult, but also the constant checking of the heart rate to make sure you are in the zone, which you definitely want to be because that is where you burn the fat!  And I have so much of it!  Then the restarting of the running was hard, which is what I was afraid of.  By the second mile, I was getting more of the hang of it.  By the last quarter of a mile, I was feeling pretty good.  I looked up at the sky and saw the moon just as a breeze blew past.  In that moment, everything was great!  Lady Gaga was in the background singing Born This Way and I even did a little hip shaking as I did my cool-down walk past my house.  We're all born superstars! 

And I'm on the right track, baby! 

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