Sunday, July 3, 2011

Free Falling

With our oldest being home, we had a complete family for the weekend.  After church, we all went to the pool to swim and make use of the high dive.  At least the little one and daddy would make use of the diving boards; I'm usually happy just treading water.  But as I watched my husband diving off the high dive, I thought to myself, "What is holding you back?"  Two of my friends went down the slide yesterday at the outdoor pool where we had the birthday party, so what's my problem?  So the second round of diving board jumps, I joined them. 

It was weird.  It has probably been at least 30 years since I have been on a diving board.  Luckily, my mermaid wanted to start on the low dive.  I walked to the end of it and looked down.  Pretty weird.  It was very bouncy.  She yelled, "Jump, Mommy" from the side.  So I took a deep breath, and I did jump.  Wow!  That felt great!  I did that a couple more times before she led me over to the high dive which are 3 meters.  I climbed the ladder and walked down the plank.  It was bouncy; a little too bouncy for comfort. Even the initial walk was kind of freaky.  Such a little board over the water, and it felt like you were going to fall just being on it.  It was a long way down.  She yelled out the same encouragement in her sweet little voice. I looked down at the water and took a deep breath.  I took another deep breath and jumped.  I'm sure I looked ridiculous, but it was great!  As I got out of the pool, I said to my daughter, "small victories!"  

I had a fear of the diving boards, a fear of looking silly, a fear of jumping and falling.  It's a victory over a fear, and any victory-no matter how small-should be celebrated.  I was happy.

Next we came home to get ready and left for Katz's Deli for dessert.  They have these cheesecake shakes that are FABULOUS!!  They used to be called Heart Attack in a Glass but they don't call them that anymore.  We all shared two because they are pretty big.  Soooo yummy.  After dinner, we took some pictures by a waterfall before heading home.  It was a great family day, and we had lots of fun.

But I had to work off my indulgence of that shake.  As soon as we got home, I put on my running shoes to hit the pavement.  My phone was dead, so it would be a no-music run. I took off and being that it wasn't too long after leaving the restaurant, I had to burp several times during the run.  It was kind of funny. It was like the jogging movement shook the gas bubbles up and forced these belches on me.  I think someone in their garage must have heard one.  How embarrassing.  But then again, I'm running and your sitting in your garage, so whatever! 

It was a good run.  My breathing was good, and I felt in the zone before I had even reached a mile.  It was warm out, but the breeze was nice and there was plenty of shade.

I ran a 5K.  Although I didn't beat my personal best, I am proud of my run.  I didn't have my music and I was still pretty full from dessert.  I kicked it up a notch for the last half mile, but it wasn't enough to catch up. I was four minutes behind my best time. 

It's been a long and very busy weekend.  I'm going to sleep in tomorrow (I hope).  I at least I have dreams of flying off the high dive and falling into the water.  With every little fear thats conquored, I'm closer and closer to being free.

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