Thursday, July 7, 2011

Boxing Babes

July 6, 2011

The fifth of July was a bust.  After my busy weekend, I'm afraid I was pooped!  I did try to get some cleaning in, but instead I went grocery shopping and got my hair trimmed.  A friend came over to visit, and my sister and her brood were coming in to visit later in the evening.

Needless to say, if you want to count it, I did do a mad dash of cleaning an hour before my sister arrived.

The next day, Angie and I took off to the rec center to take a Boxing Circuit class. Unfortunately, the class was taught by meanie Stephanie, but it would be okay.  I really wanted to do some kickboxing.  The air condition is out at the rec center by the way, so it was even humid and warmer than usual.

The class started with air punches and then cardio.  We had to shuffle back and forth and Stephanie would call out "switch!" and we would have to go the other way.  After that she split us into groups.  One group would punch the bag and the other would do whatever form of torture struck her fancy.  We had to run laps, lunge walk, bear crawl, and plank walk and something else that I don't know how to describe around the room.  It was pretty intense and Angie and I were both dripping with sweat.  The punching was fun, but we had on these boxing gloves that were completely disgusting.  Seriously, if I take this class again, I will have to go buy my own.  Really gross, and it wasn't until I took them off and realized how much sweat I had accumulated in them that I thought about others wearing them.  (shudder)  Ewww!  Also, there was no kicking-only punching.  Bummer because I would really like to kickbox those punching bags.

After that class was a boding toning class, also by Stephanie.  We stayed for that as well and we did crazy circuits that included push ups on the weights and we were supposed to lift one arm up in between each push up.  I didn't do that, but Angie did.  It also included one minute planks.  I held what I could, but I could not do three rounds of one minute planks.  And I'm okay with that.  Stephanie also said that all the moaning and groaning in the class only made her harder and it "feeds her!"  She is a nazi, I'm telling you.

We had a great workout, but I still have the negative things to say about her teaching style, or lack thereof.  There was no instruction on how to punch, or proper form, or anything.  I think you could really hurt yourself if you don't know what you're doing.  I remembered a lot from Tae Bo, but I just feel like there should be instruction in classes like these.

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to green teas at Starbucks.  The guy was super nice and asked if we had just worked out.  Then he gave us waters before our drink came out.  Um Huh!  He thought we were totally hot!

Hamster update:  The crazy running hamster was possessed overnight.  He was hissing and screeching when we tried to get near him and he freaked me out.  We took him back to the store, because I could not trust him around my little one.  OMG!!  I had no idea a hamster could be so much trouble!!

Meet Snowball!
 We ended up with a dwarf hamster, and I think the third time is the charm.  He is really sweet and much calmer than the first.  He's been letting all the kiddos play with him, and he's perfectly sweet!  Keep your fingers crossed!

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