Monday, July 25, 2011

Being Bad to Be Good

Depending on how you look at it, I was not good today.  I had a rough couple of days; not really rough, but emotional because of my daughters.  Nothing awful, just mom worrying and stressing.

So I did not go to women's group tonight.  I just felt like I may get too emotional, and that's not a bad thing; I just didn't want to.  Instead I was going to work out my baggage in sweat.  I got dressed to take a zumba class.  That would do it.  Lots of movement, lots of sweat, and lots of fun music.  That would provide some stress relief for sure.

Halfway to the rec center, I realize that zumba had started an hour earlier, and I am missing it completely.  I turned around to get my running shoes and thought I would just go for a run.  I noticed everyone who was running as I drove.  There seemed to be so many people out, and I wondered if I just shouldn't stay home and get my run in.  I would be outside, but then I wouldn't get some other form of exercise in.  To the gym it was.  It ended up that there was a pilates class starting when I thought zumba was starting, so I grabbed my mat and went to class.

This was not Shellie's class, and it was very different.  Much more quiet and mainstream pilates.  But the thing that really throws me off is when we don't do the hundred in pilates.  Isn't that supposed to be like the epitome of pilate moves?  Well, not that the class was without its tough moves.  I definitely felt it in my abs among other places. 

Halfway through it she asked if we watch America's Got Talent (or one of those shows).  Apparently, there's a man who was pole dancing (I didn't know men did that kind of thing) and she was talking about him and how he must do pilates and how pole dancing was an art form and that some people are trying to change the connotation of pole dancing to reflect this.  No one really said anything, so I popped up and mentioned the Pole Dancing for Jesus class.  (Seriously, it's a real class.)  So not only am I not in women's group, I am promoting pole dancing for Jesus.  Again, no one said anything, but I do have to say that Susan (the instructor) was the first person I have mentioned this to that didn't say anything negative about it or make a joke about it.

And that's all I'll say about that. 

It was a good class, but again I realize that Shellie really does teach.  And I'm glad I got to do it, but I was really hoping for zumba.  I think it's been a month since I've zumbaed.  I hope to go Saturday after running club, but that may be a bit ambitious.  We shall see.

After pilates was over, I went to grab my phone and the Garmin and went up to the track.  I decided to do the four running laps to one walking lap again and keep an eye on my heart rate.  I had my music and I took off.  All is well, but my hip has really been tight and bothering me for at least three weeks now.  I really need to get that taken care of.  My heart rate stayed in the lower range of my target zone, but I stopped to take the walking lap anyway. I did this for forty three minutes and then ran the last five.  Of course when I started running all the laps, I lost count, so best guess is that I ran for three miles. There were a lot of people on the track today, and I noticed that I stayed longer than most.  My leg and hip did hurt a little bit, but other than that I felt really great.  I wondered if I should keep going; but almost like a sign, my cool down song started playing. 

I took the cue and went to the mat to stretch. 

I am sorry to have missed women's group, but I think sometimes prayer can come in a different way.  Exercising allows you to refocus; you can't feel sorry for yourself.  You feel strong, you feel grateful, you feel good about yourself, and you feel everything is going to be okay. For me, tonight it was just a different way to spend time with Him.

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