Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Bailey Bridge

Kelly picked me up for running club on Saturday, and we set off to meet our group at 6:15 in the morning.  Our coach had set up our schedules based on our times and our goals (marathon and halfers) and we are in group 6.  This is a good place for me because these ladies will give me a challenge. 

Our assignment for the day was a mix of intervals and running up the Bailey Road bridge and walking down the other side, followed by more intervals.  It's complicated, but the ladies and I eventually got it down to a science even though it was early and we were all caffeine free!  We took off, and we were pretty much staying together.  Coach Ric had set up markers that showed us where the mile on the bridge started, and as we approached the first marker, someone said, "Here we go!"  The other groups that had started before us were already on their way back from their first round and most waved hello and smiled and shouted encouraging things.  Before we got to the bridge, a lot of them were already passing us again.  They are rock stars!

The first trip up the bridge was pretty good.  In the second mile, we were all talking a little bit more and getting to know each other.  As much as you can talk while doing this kind of stuff. =)  It was a really good feeling, and I told Kelly I think we've got a really good group here!  The second trip up the bridge was still okay, although a little more difficult.  I told Kelly that I thought the next one would be tough.  As we passed the bridge for the second time, we again past the other groups going the other way.  There was less smiling and waving this go round; we were all working hard.  As we made our third trek up the bridge, it was definitely more challenging.  I tried to stay with the group, and I did; but I know my heart rate was up.  I could feel it.  Not unbearably up, but more than the last couple of ascents - maybe slightly reminiscent of the hike from hell.  We finished up by running our intervals back to the school where we started.  As we were running back, I asked if anyone else's bum felt heavier.  Yes was the general answer, hips too!  As we approached the track where everyone was waiting we could hear them cheering us on!  I was so focused on finishing that when I rounded the corner and saw the group, I was surprised and said, "Are we done?"  =D  Sandy checked her device and said we had run 5.4 miles!  That would be a new record for me.  I'm anxious to see her printout from it though because I thought we had been scheduled to run 4.5 miles.  Either way, it's more than I've ever run and we did it all in an hour and fifteen minutes.  I was so excited! 

There is a cooler of ice soaked towels waiting for us when we get back, and I took mine and wrung it out over my head.  It felt like heaven.  I was in heaven!  I felt proud.  I had beaten my record, I was with an amazing group of women that were encouraging and motivated, and I have a coach who really takes an interest and wants to see me succeed. 

Life is good.

Cloud nine didn't last too long as when I got home we were packing up to move my daughter's furniture to her new apartment.  I quickly showered and got what I could ready as my husband and dad did the heavy lifting. 

The drive to San Marcos is three hours, but we hit traffic in Katy which delayed us quite a bit.  Anyhow, when we stopped for a potty break, I got out of the car and my legs refused to move.  They let me get out of the car, but it took some coaxing to get them to move again.  I definitely didn't look like someone who was able to run for five miles.  I looked like I needed crutches!  After a quick pep talked they were back to normal.  This is something to consider since I was considering another race on a day when we would have to drive up to see her.  Maybe I need to stretch a little better before getting in a car.

I'm counting all the moving the boxes up and down the stairs as exercise .  She moved into a really cute place, and she seems very excited about it.  We were exhausted by the nights end, and we were ready for a good night's sleep.  The air mattress however, had different ideas.  It was leaking.  I didn't realize this; I only knew that every time I moved it was shaking the whole bed.  So I moved to the couch, and that's when my husband sank to the ground.  I told him to move to the middle, which he did, but then he just looked like a taco. 

We made it back today, and I had to get the little one out for some exercise.  We took the dog for a walk and played at the park until the little one got a little bit of an attitude and I had to play bad guy and cut the trip short.  I hate it when that happens.

But it does happen, just as other things we don't like.  But as those things come, I can reflect on all these fears I'm facing and bridges I'm running.  I can face them head on and maybe change them, maybe make them better; but most of all, I don't have to let them defeat me.

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