Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tropical Storm Don

Yesterday, I went to see Dr. Tracey, my chiropractor so she could fix me.  And she did.  She made me cry a little first, but she fixed me.  So my hips are in great shape, and my shins are knot free, and I'm ready to go.

Now It's 5:40 in the morning.  I am out of bed, dressed, and ready.  However, this #^$)*! storm in the gulf is giving us rain.   Which is not a problem as Coach Ric said we would be running even if it was raining cats and dogs.  The problem comes in because there is thunder and lightning outside which is one of the two reasons coach gave us for not showing up this morning.  So I am here, in my running clothes, not going to run.

I am not happy.

And I hate tropical storm Don.  >=(

UPDATE: I decided to head up to the school to see if the other ladies from my group were going to show up.  They didn't.  But there were lots of cars, so I know the other groups had already taken off.  As I sat in my car waiting for them, I noticed the lightning was gone.  I sat there for a while debating on what to do.  Do I go home?  It was still kind of dark, so that was a deterrent since I am afraid of, like, everything!  I didn't have my Garmin, I didn't have my water belt, and I didn't have my arm band for my phone and I would have to have music since I would be alone and I was afraid it might rain. 

I found a Ziploc baggy in my purse, so I wrapped my phone it it.  That would work.  I'll just go ahead and run, I thought.  And as on cue, there was a streak of lightning and this creepy guy on rode by on a bike.  He looked at me.  These two things made me change my mind.  I emailed the coach and told him I was going home since my group was not there, there was lightning, and there was some random creepy guy on a bike.  Then I sat and argued with myself for a few more minutes.  I looked at the radar and saw that the rain was no where near us and the lightning was far away, so I changed my mind and decided to stay.  I e-mailed the coach AGAIN and then I saw the creepy guy in the back of the school where I was supposed to start.  So rather than start back there, I went straight to Bailey Road in the front of the school, and just cut off a little mileage from my run.  I knew I would feel safer when I started seeing the other groups.

By now, it's 6:25 and of course, the light is starting to come out.  The really unfair part of the whole thing is there is a donut shop right on the corner that I had to pass, and you could smell the freshly made donuts.  RUDE!

It wasn't too long before the first groups were coming my way and we were passing each other.  Most of them were very nice and said hello to me in recognition, not just passing runners.  It made me feel good, like I was a part of them even though I'm not in their group.  Coach Daniel and Coach Ric both said I was doing great as they were passing me, and it just gave me an extra bounce in my step.  The first bridge felt good, and I forgot to stop running when I got to the top, but not too far.  As I was getting to the last mile marker, I turned around and a group of ladies was coming toward me.  One of them asked if I needed water and gave me a bottle from her belt.  So nice!  I was grateful for it since I didn't have mine. 

Second bridge, not too bad; although this time I did not forget to stop at the top.  =)  My legs were feeling great (Thanks Dr. Tracey!) and the walking portions of the walk were not bothering me much at all.  The third bridge got my heart rate up again, but it felt better than last week.  I got to the top and I felt great!  A train was even passing by underneath me, and the cars passing by were giving me nice breezes. 

I started my trip back to the back of the school assuming that creepy bike guy was gone and knowing that there was a group behind me.  I had to guess on my intervals back but I think I did okay.  I reached the track and got my nice ice-cold towel and was met by many encouraging words from the other runners.  I thought there would be a contest on cross training exercises, but they decided against it since the weather was not it's best.  We'll be judged in our groups, and I thought I should push for competing today since my group was gone and it would guarantee that I would win! 

To sum up, I ran 4.1 miles in one hour and six minutes.  Yep! That's right!  I got my rock moves!

And to continue with those rock moves, I met Kelly and Tangila an hour later for zumba!  I have missed this class, and I was ready for it. The only mistake I made was not re-applying deodorant before class, because by the end of it, I was pretty stinky.  But as always, Renae's class is like a party full of friends.  I was feeling pretty good until about half way into class.  Then I realized I was tired.  Luckily for me, she had some of the old favorites in there which got me back into the groove, and it made for a continued great workout. 

When I got home, I announced that I was DONE for the day.  The rest of the day is for fun and family.  And tropical storm Don's effects are already gone.  The sun is out and I'm convinced he was just trying to sabotage my run.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

La Vida Loca

I completely forgot about pilates.  In my defense, I...I guess I really don't have one.  It was a busy afternoon though.  My mom came back from visiting my sister and my dad came over after I got home from work.  So it was a nice evening with good conversation. 

I knew there was a zumba class at seven, so I decided to go to that since I have missed zumba for a month!  Once I got there, I was having a hard time getting into it.  I tried though.  It got easier and I started to enjoy myself.  Until she played Zoot Suit Riot, and then I was all what?  I know they don't always play songs in Spanish, but that is just not zumba music!  It would have been okay after that, but then she played Ricky Martin.  At least I think it was Ricky Martin and Living La Vida Loca.  So we went from swing music to Latin singer singing a not-really-Latin song.  I glanced around the room while making a WTF face and saw my cousin, Gloria; and I was totally busted with my WTF face.  I smiled.  Hi Gloria!  She told me she likes reading my blog.  =)  That made me feel good, and then I felt like I had to refocus.  So, thanks, Gloria!!

Now, after my attitude adjustment, suddenly songs seemed better.  There were even a few older ones that I remembered and also one of Kelly's favorites by the Pussycat Dolls.  Now Pussycat Dolls is not really Latin-inspired, but the song still makes more sense than Zoot Suit Riot if you ask me.  All in all, it was a lot of fun, and I'm glad I went.

My plan was to go back to the rec center after putting the little one to bed, but as I was putting my running shoes on, something told me I should just stay put.  I'm not sure why, but I've learned to trust that voice in my head, so I am not getting my run in tonight. =(
That makes me sad.

I am learning though that coach Ric has a sense of humor.  Earlier in the week, he sent an e-mail out saying that he was pleased to hear that we wanted more bridges.  I was all, Who in the hell is asking for more bridges?"  I took me a minute, or maybe even a day, to realize that he was being sarcastic. 

Anyway, there is an impending tropical storm forming and heading to the Texas coast and the gist of the e-mail was that we would be running as long as there's no lightning or winds stronger than 35 miles per hour; even if it is raining, snowing, or cold.  The one that made me laugh the most was "If it is raining hard (cats and dogs)…your going to get wet! I might suggest no make-up because you might be mistaken for a member of "KISS"! :)"

Hmmm...That could be a good plan for the Warrior Dash.  We can put on wigs and lots of make up.  By the end of it, we probably would look like members of KISS.  I bet people would even ask us for our autograph!  It would be another loco chapter in mi vida loca!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What a Pain

Seriously.  I need to go see the chiropractor.  My hip is still bothering me and getting worse and now my right leg in the side shin area is acting up.  It's even messing with my ability to walk normally.  Like I have time for this.

Today's assigned run was for 20 to 30 minutes.  By the time I got my little one to bed, it was getting too dark to go running.  I sat around for five minutes debating on what to do before heading up to the rec center.  I didn't really want to run on the track again, and my legs were bothering me; so I figured I could do the elliptical for a while and that would be gentler. 

I signed up for the interval training on the elliptical for twenty minutes.  What a mistake for the gentler workout.  It started me out on level ten.  It quickly escalated to higher levels.  The tension was getting so high that I was having to push really hard.  Which is fine, but the machine didn't like the fact that I was slowing down.  It kept telling me to speed up and then would pause like it was sighing in exasperation at me.  I really was trying to speed up, but it wasn't enough for the holier-than-thou machine.  What does it expect at level twenty?  So rather than setting it for another fifteen minutes, I went upstairs.  My legs felt better, so I thought it would be okay.

There was very little traffic on the track today, but by the time I got to my starting point, my legs were starting to bothering me again. Whatever!  I took off for the run-four,walk-one runs that I've been doing.  After a mile, I thought I would go ahead and stop.  I was close enough to twenty minutes and satisfied with the way it had gone.  But when I was finishing the walking lap, a really good song came on and I wanted to run it.  So I did.  I ran.  Fast.  I ran at what I think my magic mile pace would be.  It felt really good, but once I slowed down the discomfort immediately started coming back. 

What is that?  How can I not be in any kind of pain when I'm abusing my body (dramatic effect here) and then feel EVERYTHING when I'm walking normally.  I don't get it.  What I do get is that I can't run everywhere I go, so a visit to the chiropractor is going to have to happen before next running club day.

What a pain!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Being Bad to Be Good

Depending on how you look at it, I was not good today.  I had a rough couple of days; not really rough, but emotional because of my daughters.  Nothing awful, just mom worrying and stressing.

So I did not go to women's group tonight.  I just felt like I may get too emotional, and that's not a bad thing; I just didn't want to.  Instead I was going to work out my baggage in sweat.  I got dressed to take a zumba class.  That would do it.  Lots of movement, lots of sweat, and lots of fun music.  That would provide some stress relief for sure.

Halfway to the rec center, I realize that zumba had started an hour earlier, and I am missing it completely.  I turned around to get my running shoes and thought I would just go for a run.  I noticed everyone who was running as I drove.  There seemed to be so many people out, and I wondered if I just shouldn't stay home and get my run in.  I would be outside, but then I wouldn't get some other form of exercise in.  To the gym it was.  It ended up that there was a pilates class starting when I thought zumba was starting, so I grabbed my mat and went to class.

This was not Shellie's class, and it was very different.  Much more quiet and mainstream pilates.  But the thing that really throws me off is when we don't do the hundred in pilates.  Isn't that supposed to be like the epitome of pilate moves?  Well, not that the class was without its tough moves.  I definitely felt it in my abs among other places. 

Halfway through it she asked if we watch America's Got Talent (or one of those shows).  Apparently, there's a man who was pole dancing (I didn't know men did that kind of thing) and she was talking about him and how he must do pilates and how pole dancing was an art form and that some people are trying to change the connotation of pole dancing to reflect this.  No one really said anything, so I popped up and mentioned the Pole Dancing for Jesus class.  (Seriously, it's a real class.)  So not only am I not in women's group, I am promoting pole dancing for Jesus.  Again, no one said anything, but I do have to say that Susan (the instructor) was the first person I have mentioned this to that didn't say anything negative about it or make a joke about it.

And that's all I'll say about that. 

It was a good class, but again I realize that Shellie really does teach.  And I'm glad I got to do it, but I was really hoping for zumba.  I think it's been a month since I've zumbaed.  I hope to go Saturday after running club, but that may be a bit ambitious.  We shall see.

After pilates was over, I went to grab my phone and the Garmin and went up to the track.  I decided to do the four running laps to one walking lap again and keep an eye on my heart rate.  I had my music and I took off.  All is well, but my hip has really been tight and bothering me for at least three weeks now.  I really need to get that taken care of.  My heart rate stayed in the lower range of my target zone, but I stopped to take the walking lap anyway. I did this for forty three minutes and then ran the last five.  Of course when I started running all the laps, I lost count, so best guess is that I ran for three miles. There were a lot of people on the track today, and I noticed that I stayed longer than most.  My leg and hip did hurt a little bit, but other than that I felt really great.  I wondered if I should keep going; but almost like a sign, my cool down song started playing. 

I took the cue and went to the mat to stretch. 

I am sorry to have missed women's group, but I think sometimes prayer can come in a different way.  Exercising allows you to refocus; you can't feel sorry for yourself.  You feel strong, you feel grateful, you feel good about yourself, and you feel everything is going to be okay. For me, tonight it was just a different way to spend time with Him.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Bailey Bridge

Kelly picked me up for running club on Saturday, and we set off to meet our group at 6:15 in the morning.  Our coach had set up our schedules based on our times and our goals (marathon and halfers) and we are in group 6.  This is a good place for me because these ladies will give me a challenge. 

Our assignment for the day was a mix of intervals and running up the Bailey Road bridge and walking down the other side, followed by more intervals.  It's complicated, but the ladies and I eventually got it down to a science even though it was early and we were all caffeine free!  We took off, and we were pretty much staying together.  Coach Ric had set up markers that showed us where the mile on the bridge started, and as we approached the first marker, someone said, "Here we go!"  The other groups that had started before us were already on their way back from their first round and most waved hello and smiled and shouted encouraging things.  Before we got to the bridge, a lot of them were already passing us again.  They are rock stars!

The first trip up the bridge was pretty good.  In the second mile, we were all talking a little bit more and getting to know each other.  As much as you can talk while doing this kind of stuff. =)  It was a really good feeling, and I told Kelly I think we've got a really good group here!  The second trip up the bridge was still okay, although a little more difficult.  I told Kelly that I thought the next one would be tough.  As we passed the bridge for the second time, we again past the other groups going the other way.  There was less smiling and waving this go round; we were all working hard.  As we made our third trek up the bridge, it was definitely more challenging.  I tried to stay with the group, and I did; but I know my heart rate was up.  I could feel it.  Not unbearably up, but more than the last couple of ascents - maybe slightly reminiscent of the hike from hell.  We finished up by running our intervals back to the school where we started.  As we were running back, I asked if anyone else's bum felt heavier.  Yes was the general answer, hips too!  As we approached the track where everyone was waiting we could hear them cheering us on!  I was so focused on finishing that when I rounded the corner and saw the group, I was surprised and said, "Are we done?"  =D  Sandy checked her device and said we had run 5.4 miles!  That would be a new record for me.  I'm anxious to see her printout from it though because I thought we had been scheduled to run 4.5 miles.  Either way, it's more than I've ever run and we did it all in an hour and fifteen minutes.  I was so excited! 

There is a cooler of ice soaked towels waiting for us when we get back, and I took mine and wrung it out over my head.  It felt like heaven.  I was in heaven!  I felt proud.  I had beaten my record, I was with an amazing group of women that were encouraging and motivated, and I have a coach who really takes an interest and wants to see me succeed. 

Life is good.

Cloud nine didn't last too long as when I got home we were packing up to move my daughter's furniture to her new apartment.  I quickly showered and got what I could ready as my husband and dad did the heavy lifting. 

The drive to San Marcos is three hours, but we hit traffic in Katy which delayed us quite a bit.  Anyhow, when we stopped for a potty break, I got out of the car and my legs refused to move.  They let me get out of the car, but it took some coaxing to get them to move again.  I definitely didn't look like someone who was able to run for five miles.  I looked like I needed crutches!  After a quick pep talked they were back to normal.  This is something to consider since I was considering another race on a day when we would have to drive up to see her.  Maybe I need to stretch a little better before getting in a car.

I'm counting all the moving the boxes up and down the stairs as exercise .  She moved into a really cute place, and she seems very excited about it.  We were exhausted by the nights end, and we were ready for a good night's sleep.  The air mattress however, had different ideas.  It was leaking.  I didn't realize this; I only knew that every time I moved it was shaking the whole bed.  So I moved to the couch, and that's when my husband sank to the ground.  I told him to move to the middle, which he did, but then he just looked like a taco. 

We made it back today, and I had to get the little one out for some exercise.  We took the dog for a walk and played at the park until the little one got a little bit of an attitude and I had to play bad guy and cut the trip short.  I hate it when that happens.

But it does happen, just as other things we don't like.  But as those things come, I can reflect on all these fears I'm facing and bridges I'm running.  I can face them head on and maybe change them, maybe make them better; but most of all, I don't have to let them defeat me.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hitting the Track

So I was looking over my posts from the last week, and I feel like I have been slacking.  It seems I've taken more days off than I intend to.  Oops.  Gotta fix that.

So today, I had the day off, so the little one and I took off for the zoo.   This time we went straight for the children's zoo, since it seems we always miss that area.  We walked around for about two hours and ended with the elephants as they were getting sprayed with water hoses.  Very cute.  On the way back, I was thinking I wanted to go to pilates, but I also had a run I had to get in.  I was feeling pretty good, so it seemed doable.

I haven't been to pilates in three weeks!  This is probably one of the reasons I feel like something has been missing.  Two weeks, Shellie was out, and the next I was.  I kind of felt like Shellie was extra torturous today.  Maybe she was mad at me for not showing up.  (ya, because it's all about me!) But hey, it's not all my fault!  It was an intense hour with back-to-the-basics pilates moves.  Very effective, and I'm sure I will feel it tomorrow.  =)

I did get called out in class today.  For planks.  CURSE YOU PLANKS!  We were doing planks and I just cant hold them that long.  So she asked me if I was okay and I told her I was.  I would pop back up and hold it more, but I ended up doing plank intervals.  I wonder what it is with planks.  I think part of it is mental.  I just don't know.  Does my weight make it harder?  I would think so.  Whatever it is, I need that mental switch to hit me when it comes to planks. 

So I was done with that, and I went out to put my mat away and get my phone and earphones to get in my run.  But I didn't have any headphones.  Crap!  Then I had an argument with myself.  It was ridiculous and it went something like this:

me: I don't have my headphones.  I need my music.

me: You don't need your music, just go in.

me: Ugh. Let me look in the back.

me: They are not in the back.  You left them in your bag. 

me:  I can come back later after I put the kiddo to bed.

me:  You are already here!  Just go in! 

So I walked to the other side of the car to check for the headphones anyway.  I sat down and thought, I'll just go home.  I need music today.  I started the car and checked my phone.  No messages and no emergency on the home front?

me: Should I go in?

me: Yes!  You have to get this run in today because tomorrow is an off day.  Get out of the car!

me:  FINE!!!!!! 

Then I angrily stomped upstairs to the running track.  I had the Garmin, but it was about to die, so I decided on an interval close to what my coach has prescribed.  I thought about my coach and his encouraging words.  I must take my walking breaks.   The track is 1/10 of a mile, so I would run four and walk one.  I would do this four times.  So I took off. I tried to keep a pace that was slow and steady.  One lap five, I did stop and walk and got a quick sip of water before starting back up on the run.  The starting and stopping of running is getting a little easier.  In the last part of the first mile, I had to have been in my zone, because I had that nice comfortable feeling where it does seem like you could just keep going.  I love that feeling.  I almost forgot to stop once. 

Once I finished two miles, I didn't want to stop.  The day's run was supposed to be forty to fifty minutes, and I wasn't quite there, so I did keep going.  I did one more round for another half mile for a total of two and a half miles in about 42 minutes.  That was still faster than my half marathon training pace, but it's all approximate since I didn't have the Garmin to get an official time. 

I was pretty happy with today's exercise.  I did miss running outside, but I think the intervals distracted me from just running in circles.  It gave me something else to think about. Especially since I didn't have my music.  I am getting used to not always having music, but I really just wanted it today. 

Now it's time to put my angel to sleep, and I can just sit.  I think I'll enjoy the silence with a glass of wine.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ready or Not, Here I Run

I think the best part of running in the 5K was getting the little one excited about running.  That is pretty awesome.  However, I did not think it was awesome when I was not even out of bed on Sunday morning when I hear her telling her daddy that mom was taking her running and she was getting dressed.  At least she let me sit down with a cup of coffee first.  ;)

We walked to the trail to get started and she had decided to take her Camelbak, which turned out to need a new nozzle and didn't really work anyway.  It did distract her for the first bit, but then she did take off and she made it a little further than Saturday.  She'll do great, and I love her excitement.  We hung out at the park for a little while, but we had to head back because she was going earring shopping with her papa and grandma.  If I had any doubt that she was enthusiastic about her new found hobby, I have none now and she apparently told everyone she came in contact with at the mall that her momma was in a race and she was going to be racing too.   =)

That was pretty much it for Sunday as far as exercise goes.  Monday morning, I got up to try to get my run in early.  I didn't pack my bag the night before, so I was a little slow getting started.  By the time I got to the gym, I had time for a twenty minute run.  Not much, but better than nothing.  I got on the treadmill and did a slow 22 minutes.  I did not have my heart rate monitor, so I kept checking it on the treadmill.  I barely reached the lower range of my "zone" but I couldn't keep going because I had to get to work.

When I got to the dressing rooms, I realized I not only forgot my shoes.  Again.  I had forgotten my makeup!!  CURSES!!!  I decide to skip the make up because I have shoes in the car.  They are flip flops which are a no no, but they are nice flip flops and I'm thinking maybe I can get away with it for one day.

There's only one shoe in the car!

When I begrudgingly drive home, the other shoe was in the driveway.  Probably laughing at me!  I guess on the plus side, I got to put on some makeup too. 

I didn't make it to spin class this morning because
1. women's group ran late last night, and I was tired
2. I had to make breakfast for the office luncheon
3. I opted to sit on my bum and watch Oprah before getting ready for work

Not a fabulous use of my time, but I'm entitled once in a while.  Right?  The only problem is that statement was running through my head when I got to work and started to munch.  The breakfast casserole was very good, but not very good for me.  And neither was the 1/2 donut that ended up on my plate. But it didn't stop there.  One of the ladies brought in some sort of Paula Dean brownie.  Lunch was hot dogs and Manwhiches.  There was no trace of veggies or fruit in sight.  I was so far off my wagon, it was terrible.  The worse part is, it was the biggest waste of calories.  I only ate 1/2 my hot dog and 1/2 a Manwhich on a wheat bun.  The Manwhich was good, but the rest, I could have done without.  Usually someone brings a salad and maybe that would have been the sounding board, but live and learn.  For the amount of calories that I ate, it could have been wasted on something much better.

Grace Kelly was at my rescue though.  She came over tonight, and we did our training run for the club.  We ran a 5K by running for five minutes and walking for one.  It was a mixed run of good and bad.   I felt weighed down, probably from all the food in the afternoon.  Also, it was hot.  The last thing I will complain about is that it is hard to get used to this walk/run pace.  I know it's good for me and everything, but my legs are hurting me like they used to when I started.  I guess my legs are readjusting; at least I hope that's what it is. 

The good thing is that we were out there and we did it.  I surely did not want to, and even when we got started I wasn't really ready for it.  But I'm glad we did.  We would have felt even worse if we had not gotten any exercise in with all the junk.  Also, when we were taking off, some yahoo in a car slowed down to check us out.  I always joke that people think we are totally hot, but this guy was really checking us out.  Too funny.  He was pretty obvious.

We ran (and walked) for 51 minutes. After we were finished, we sat outside on the deck for a little while while the girls played in the hot tub.  There were so many birds out, and we even saw a cardinal in the tree above the garage.  The most interesting sound though was a bullfog.  I never did find out where he was, but it was close.

We were drinking water, and I realized that I didn't even want dinner.  Everything sounded really gross and kind of made me sick to my stomach. 

Lesson learned: Don't binge.  And if you are going to over do it, you should do it for a good reason or for food that you really are treating yourself with.  Hot dogs and Fritoes don't make that cut.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lunar Rendezvous 5K

Today, I got my first official race t-shirt. 

I woke up at 5:10 to get ready for the race.  The morning went pretty well, but when I had to go wake up my little one, she looked so sound and peaceful; I hated to wake her.   Kelly came to join me for breakfast.  We had flax wholewheat waffles with almond butter.  And might I say that in the quest for a good wholesome frozen waffle, the choices are few and far between. 

The race was at NASA Space Center, and we got there about thirty minutes before the start time.  There were so many people, many of them already running and prancing (literally) around the parking lot.  I just had no idea what to expect, but the crowd wasn't as intimidating as I thought it would be, but that may have just been my company.  =)

Leslie and her son were already there and we met up in the parking lot and we took a "before" picture before heading over to get our chips. 
The Before Picture
My husband tied mine onto my shoe for me, and then some of us had to use the "facilities" before the race began.  As we walked to the start line, the crowd was starting to move.  If there was an official "gun", we didn't hear it; but we were all pretty much together toward the end of the crowd.  As soon as we crossed the line, we started our jaunt.  Leslie's son was so excited, and he took off pretty quickly.  Leslie wanted him to stay in sight, so he was serpenting through the crowd.  It was so cute and funny!  It didn't take long before they were pretty far ahead of us.  Kelly, I know, could have been faster, but we stayed together.  I have to say I was quite surprised at how many people we were passing and how many people were walking.  I have always imagined myself being last, so it felt good to pass people. 

We started off with a pretty good pace and slowed down after the first mile mark.  When they handed us water, I tried to take a couple of sips and then poured the rest over my shoulders.  I felt really bad about throwing the cup on the ground.  A little after that mark was a turn and I looked back to see that there was a lot of people behind us and even way behind us.  The second water station was a little after the two mile mark and the lady there was hysterical.  She was yelling, "come on ladies!  It's fresh water!  It will make you faster!"

There was this woman in front of us for most of the race.  She passed us up pretty early on.  She would go back and forth between walking and running and she was wearing those shoes with the toes.  We'd get closer to her and then she'd speed up.  It went on like this for most of the run.  Toward the end, we passed her, then she'd pass us, etc.  It's funny that she probably didn't even know we existed, but we both wanted to pass her up.  Kelly had said that when we rounded the corner, we would push the last quarter of a mile.  I talked her down to the last tenth.  When we passed her in the last stretch, she never caught up to us again.  Who knew I had a competitive side?

We rounded the corner and I saw my husband and little angel on the sidelines.  She ran up to me on the track and high-fived me and then ran the last bit of the race with me to the finish line. 

It felt great!  After starting to feel a little tired on the run, there was no trace of fatigue now.  We met up with Leslie and her son and took our "after" photo.  We had some of the fruit they had available to us and waited for them to post the times.  I think we had just made the cut off for the first round because they called out that if your time was longer than whatever, it would be coming out in the next printout.  We were somewhere around 45:28 and 45:29 with Kelly in the lead.   I'm waiting for official results to be posted because I don't remember the exact numbers.  =(  But I do know that according to my Garmin, we averaged a 4.3 pace with our fastest pace being 5.6 mph.  To me, that was awesome and better that I expected for myself. 

The After Picture and We're Still Smiling

Another great thing:  As soon as we got there, my little one was very excited and said she wanted to race, too.  So later this evening, we went for a run together.  She picked out a shirt that matched mine, and we took off on the trail.  She made it to almost 2/10 of a mile before she stopped to walk.  Then she alternated between walking and running until we got to the park.  I'm going to look for a 1K for her to do. 

We all had a great time and want to run another one soon.  We picked up a runner, my sweet little one.  I wonder if we can get my oldest to join us too! 

Well, there are 5K's all the time.  It's just a matter of time.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Packet Pick Up!

So my best laid plan was to wake up early to get a run in early enough so that it wouldn't interfere with the 5K tomorrow. 

Ya, that didn't happen. 

Those margaritas were much stronger than I thought they were, and when I woke up at 6 am, my eyes refused to open.  Actually I didn't fight with them all that hard, but whatever.  I considered going to zumba, but the time flew by and before I knew it it was too late.

But, I'm okay with that.  Since I've never done this before and I don't know how the adrenaline flows and all that, I think maybe it's not so bad taking a day of rest before the race. 

Grace Kelly and I went to lunch with our kiddos and then went to pick up our packets.  I was so excited, I made Kelly take a picture of me as we were leaving.

Number 208 Baby!

Our friend Leslie and her son are joining us.  This will be their first race, too.  Her son is really liking running, and just learned how to land softer and use his feet to increase his speed.  He was very excited about that and Kelly and I are wondering if we have a future track star in our midst.  We will be able to say that "we knew him when he did his first 5K!"

I'm excited, and I feel very confident that we will have a great time, even if I come in last.  I'm still a warrior princess and still faster than the couch!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gringos and Amigos!

I was so sleepy yesterday.  I downloaded Jaycee Dugard's memoir, and I stayed up too late reading it.  I told me little one that we would be going to bed early because mommy was tired, which apparently was the wrong thing to do since she interpreted that as "I shouldn't sleep!"

She was up.  And up.  And up.  Which ultimately means that I am up which equals another night of not enough sleep.  But, we requested 1990 music for spin class; so I had to get out of bed and head up there!

And I did.  But the 90's music that was playing is definitely not the 90's music I remember.  It was awful.  Even Matt said that he had a hard time finding music from 1990 that wasn't incredibly slow.  I must have been listening to Cd's or tapes or whatever I had at that time, because although I did remember the some of the music, it sucked!

But class was good.  We have discovered that when Matt has a full size towel to wipe off with, we're in trouble.  Like last Thursday, he had a big towel.  Even though he had a smaller towel today, it was a tough workout with lots of standing work.  Today I tried to concentrate on my standing speed.  I usually slow down substantially when I stand up, but today I tried to improve.  It really is a lot of bum work when you stand and try to maintain speed.  That's probably the point, but I've been missing it since I slow down so much.

I was still tired, and I swear I could have fallen asleep walking in to work.  But I perked up until around two when the sleepiness settled in again.  I knew I would have to run for 50 minutes tonight, so really a nap was in order.  But instead I met my friend Tangila and her friend Laura at our local Mexican restaurant, Gringos.  We had the best time and I had two happy-hour margaritas.  Somehow I think that ruined my 50 minute run for tonight.

But I will make up for it in the morning.  If I can wake up early enough, I can get the run in before 7 am, and that should give me some recover time before the 5K on Saturday. 

This, of course, is the best laid plan.  Let's hope it comes to fruition. 

But I have to say, after a rough week, I don't think I can regret having those margaritas with my amigas today.  Sometimes laughter is just as good for the soul as exercise.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

She's Got Legs!

I never thought it would happen, but there are such things as miracles.  I woke up on time, loaded my bag, packed my lunch, and made it to spin class on time!  Two people came in after me!  Then when I went to shower and get dressed, I remembered everything-even my shoes!  Amazing, right?

So today's class was set to 1984 music.  We heard Queen, Duran Duran, Heuy Lewis-all upbeat and fun songs.  But the vote for most ironic was ZZ Top's Legs.  As Matt was reminding us of working on our pedal strokes and torturing our quads, I was all too aware of my legs.  He wasn't as "crazy" as he was last Thursday, but it was a good workout.  The exciting part for me was my ability to reach 90 rpm's pretty easily.  Only four weeks ago (I think) that speed was almost unattainable for me.  Now, that flat road pace is reachable and maintainable.  When he pushes us to sprint or reach 100 rpm's or more, I can do it.  Now it's 110 and 115 that I have to stive to reach and maintain.  I also don't feel like I'm going to die after the first fifteen minutes like before. 

Matt likes to quiz us during class for the different music that is played.  He asks if we know the band and sometimes he throws in trivia about the bands.  It's just a good class.  He's a really great instructor.  As we were leaving , Kelly thought we should request 1991 music.  I suggested 1990 because that's the year my oldest was born.  So she went back and put her request in; now we have to be sure to show up on Thursday since he agreed to play it.

After last night's run and this spin class, my hips were kind of tightening up on me.  I looked at my running schedule, and I was scheduled to have a 20-30 minute run tonight.  I would have to stretch before the run, but when I got home I made the mistake of laying on the couch for a minute.  All of a sudden, I hit a wall; and I was sleepy!  But this was not one of those days where you can get away with a ten minute cat nap, so I took my little one outside to play some hopscotch.  We went in to play with the hamster, and I didn't take off for my run until a little after 7:30. 

There was lots of shade and a nice breeze.  Today it took me right at four minutes to reach the lower end of my target heart rate.  I tried to keep my prescribed slow pace, but I still ended up averageing my half marathon pace.  I'll have to email the coach to see what he says about that.  But the other thing is that I never did reach the maximum end of my target heart rate, so I got to run the whole time.  I stopped when I reached my mail box, and my time was 30:33.  I walked down the street to cool down, and my legs started to curse at me.  They were done, so I stretched as best I could and went inside.

Tomorrow there is no running on the schedule.  I assume my legs will be happy about that. I guess I shouldn't tell them that we are signed up to do our first official 5K.  Or that Thursday's run is 50 minutes.  >=)


Monday, July 11, 2011


Luckily, yesterday was a cross training day, because I didn't get a run in and I didn't really do much of anything else that could be considered exercise.  And it was really worse than that because with back-to-back birthday's, there was much cake in the house.

I'm really pretty good about not eating cake, but the youngest one's wish for the day was that everyone had ice cream cake in the hot tub.  So that's what we did.  And then I had a sliver of tiramisu which I had bought for my husband's celebration.

Today, I had to get back on the wagon.  Unfortunately, the wagon passed my house this morning, and I didn't wake up in time to go to the gym.  But this evening would be fine for a run, and I could start the first run of my new training.  I waited until about 7:00 to start, but it was still so warm.  Luckily (I guess) my new regimen was a very slow pace.  My current half marathon training pace is an 18 minute mile which is what I'm supposed to target during the week.  No problem.  I know I can do that.  I was to run at this pace until I got my heart rate up to 160 and then walk until it came back down to 144 and then start running again.  Easy right?

Well, I'm sure it will get easy, but there were so many things to think about.  First I was running too fast.  Unusual for me, huh?  I got to my lower target heart rate pretty quickly, so I tried to slow down, but it was really slow.  So I kept going and it took me about 18 minutes before I was up to the upper zone of my target heart rate, but I only got there because I was going faster than my prescribed 3.3 mph.  So it was time for me to stop and walk.  And it was so hard to do that.  I have never allowed myself to stop before, and it was difficult to make that transition and know that it was okay.  I was not quitting; I was following a training plan.  I went another thirty seconds before I actually let myself start to just walk. So I walked and I was happy to find that my heart rate came back down in less than a minute, so I was off and running again.  It went on like this for the next 30 minutes, but the heart rate rose more quickly toward the end of the run. 

To sum up, my total time was 49 minutes, my total distance was 2.9 miles, and my average speed was 3.6 mph, or a 16:52 minute mile.  That's a little faster than my prescribed pace, but I felt like I was going as slow as I could. I am happy with it, and I think my coach will be too.

It was definitely a more challenging run.  Making the mind shift to stopping and walking was difficult, but also the constant checking of the heart rate to make sure you are in the zone, which you definitely want to be because that is where you burn the fat!  And I have so much of it!  Then the restarting of the running was hard, which is what I was afraid of.  By the second mile, I was getting more of the hang of it.  By the last quarter of a mile, I was feeling pretty good.  I looked up at the sky and saw the moon just as a breeze blew past.  In that moment, everything was great!  Lady Gaga was in the background singing Born This Way and I even did a little hip shaking as I did my cool-down walk past my house.  We're all born superstars! 

And I'm on the right track, baby! 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Running Club

My husband works with this woman named Lynn.  She runs.  She runs half marathons and triathlons.  She is awesome!  She mentioned on one of his facebook posts that there was a running club starting up, and I should join it.  After several messages back and forth, I decided to do it.  I was apprehensive and intimidated, but this whole journey is about stepping out of my comfort zone. I gave the information to Grace Kelly, and she was ready to sign up too.  So I sent the coach an e-mail and woke myself up at 4:30 this morning to get ready for it.

We started with a warm-up mile.  It was still dark out and very humid, so Kelly and I trotted around the track while catching up on the week. 

The next mile was called a "Magic Mile" which is a mile that we run as fast as we can, and the coach uses it to calculate our pace for the various upcoming training runs.  Kelly and I joined the first group to go for the half-marathoners.  We were on the outer edges of the track, so the coach had instructed us on when to move to the inner aisle.  When we did this Kelly was slightly ahead of me, so I shouted to her, "Go, Kelly!"  And she did.  She finished with an awesome time of somewhere around 12 minutes!  I finished with a 13:30 time, which I think is a record for me.  That calculates to a 4.44 mph pace.  I felt it though, because I think my heart rate was up; but I felt good after it.

After that, he split us into groups.  He put Kelly in a pretty advanced group, but she asked if she could hang back with me.  He said okay, but we still weren't together.  He started with me and two other girls; we were the slowest.  He told us to run in 30 second intervals.  We were to run to this bridge that was about .75 miles away and return.  Kelly's group was supposed to run to the top of the bridge and walk back down, then run back.  Others were supposed to go to the opposite side of the bridge and still others had to go past the bridge to the main road a little over a mile away.

I was disappointed that he didn't ask me to run up that bridge.  I have done it before, and I felt like I could have tackled it today.  But I went into this knowing that he is an experienced runner, and I would listen and try to do as he asked. 

We started out.  I had the Garmin so I called out each 30 seconds.  The other two girls are new to running too.  One made it through the first five minutes.  After that, she hung back a little and I think she walked the rest.  The other girl stayed with me a little longer.  She was getting tired so I slowed my pace a little to stay with her.  She wanted to stop at 25 seconds, so I encouraged her, "five more seconds! Come on!"  The next 30 seconds, she rocked it, but then she had to stop and walk because her side was starting to bother her.  So I kept at it by myself until I made it to the bridge, then turned around and kept going until I was back at the track.  I was another mile and a half, and even though I was doing intervals of walking and running, my time was pretty good and right at 3.8 mph.

I talked to the coach a little bit since I was the first one to make it back.  He said he was going to put me on a modified training plan for the half marathon.  I guess he thinks I still  have some work to do, too.  But he was great about giving me props for even being there, and said that was the hardest part.  I don't know how I feel about the whole modified thing.  I kind of feel like I was more advanced than the run he gave me today.  I have no desire at this point in the game to run a half marathon, but I know I could have made the bridge.

I"m anxious to see the schedule he puts out. But I'm concerned about Kelly.  She does want to run a half marathon, and I don't want to hold her back.  I want to be her biggest cheerleader!

After getting home, it wasn't long before zumba was supposed to start.  So since I was already sweaty and smelly, I took off for another hour to shake my stuff.  But, alas, Renae wasn't there.  The zumba gold teacher was there, but she was not prepared to sub, so Tangila and I sat there for a few minutes to decide what to do.  She talked about going up to the track, but I was done with running for the day.  So she said, "You wanna run through the circuit?" 
"FINE! GEEZ!" I answered as she twisted me arm so tight!
So we grabbed our weights and ran through the circuit twice.  That's a hard core workout.  We did a five minute cool down on the elliptical and then went to the mat to stretch.  I could have fallen asleep so easily as soon as I had to lay down to stretch, but I thought they might frown on that.  So instead, I went home to celebrate my husband's birthday. 

We met some great friends for a tapas lunch and then came home for a nap. (Thank goodness!)  Later, we went down to Galveston to walk around and spend a few minutes with our feet in the ocean.

I'm hoping that between running club and circuit training that I can break even on calories today.  Tapas are so yummy, but not very low-cal.

I'll stick with running club, but not next Saturday.  Kelly and I are signed up to run a 5K in Clear Lake. It's the Rendezvous Lunar Run.  It's my first race, so I'm excited and nervous.  For Kelly, it's the first in a couple of  years; but I know she'll be great!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

That 70's Show

So.  I love our new hamster, but he kept Angie up all night (at least until she put him in the bathroom to drown out the noise) and she didn't want to get up to go spinning with me.  Nevertheless, I hauled my cookies out of bed, and headed to the no-air conditioned rec center to torture myself before coffee.

Matt was on fire this morning.  I seriously need to eat what he eats for breakfast because he was super charged and maybe, dare I say, insane?  He gave us a great workout set to the music of the year of my birth, 1971!  Fun stuff.  It was intense and challenging, and I was in the back row with little fan wind, so my fat cells were not only crying-they were bawling!!  It was great.  I did ask him what he ate for breakfast, and he started by saying that he had a banana at 4 am.  He lost me there and I told him that I was still asleep until five minutes into class when he woke me up. 

When I got home, my sister had mentioned maybe trying to go for a run.  My daughter had also asked me to wake her up when I got back so she could go for a run, too.  So I did.  But neither one of them took the bait.  So, since I already had it in my head that I would be doing a short run, I took off anyway.

I hit the trail, and about a quarter of a mile into it, I was thinking, "What the heck are you doing?"  Even the voice in my head wasn't pushing me, it was asking me the same question!  I had on the Garmin and I had decided to run for a mile.  So as soon as it hit .5, I turned around.  It was a good thing that it made it until then because right after that the battery ran out.  So I don't know what my final time was, but I feel pretty good about it being at least four mph.

It's the last full day that my sister and my niece and nephews will be here so we took them to the zoo.  It was pretty warm, but not quite 100 degrees.  They were really cute, and I love how they find so much enjoyment together just looking at different animals.  We didn't stay too long.  Each child got to pick out an animal that they wanted to see and maybe some stuff in between.  Even my oldest got to see the tigers, which are her favorite.  She wonders if it is because of Aladdin and Jasmine, because that was her favorite Disney movie. 

Once all selected animals had been viewed, we went to the natatorium to go swimming.  Some of them hit the high dive, but not me.  Today I just treaded water and swam a couple of laps.  My nephew has swimmer's ear, so that was just a good excuse for me to leave and take him home, because at this point I was really tired. 

It was a great day, personal and fitness wise.  Next week, Matt asked what music year we would like, and someone shouted out "1984!"  That should be fun, but for today, going back to the 70's was a good way to start the day!

Boxing Babes

July 6, 2011

The fifth of July was a bust.  After my busy weekend, I'm afraid I was pooped!  I did try to get some cleaning in, but instead I went grocery shopping and got my hair trimmed.  A friend came over to visit, and my sister and her brood were coming in to visit later in the evening.

Needless to say, if you want to count it, I did do a mad dash of cleaning an hour before my sister arrived.

The next day, Angie and I took off to the rec center to take a Boxing Circuit class. Unfortunately, the class was taught by meanie Stephanie, but it would be okay.  I really wanted to do some kickboxing.  The air condition is out at the rec center by the way, so it was even humid and warmer than usual.

The class started with air punches and then cardio.  We had to shuffle back and forth and Stephanie would call out "switch!" and we would have to go the other way.  After that she split us into groups.  One group would punch the bag and the other would do whatever form of torture struck her fancy.  We had to run laps, lunge walk, bear crawl, and plank walk and something else that I don't know how to describe around the room.  It was pretty intense and Angie and I were both dripping with sweat.  The punching was fun, but we had on these boxing gloves that were completely disgusting.  Seriously, if I take this class again, I will have to go buy my own.  Really gross, and it wasn't until I took them off and realized how much sweat I had accumulated in them that I thought about others wearing them.  (shudder)  Ewww!  Also, there was no kicking-only punching.  Bummer because I would really like to kickbox those punching bags.

After that class was a boding toning class, also by Stephanie.  We stayed for that as well and we did crazy circuits that included push ups on the weights and we were supposed to lift one arm up in between each push up.  I didn't do that, but Angie did.  It also included one minute planks.  I held what I could, but I could not do three rounds of one minute planks.  And I'm okay with that.  Stephanie also said that all the moaning and groaning in the class only made her harder and it "feeds her!"  She is a nazi, I'm telling you.

We had a great workout, but I still have the negative things to say about her teaching style, or lack thereof.  There was no instruction on how to punch, or proper form, or anything.  I think you could really hurt yourself if you don't know what you're doing.  I remembered a lot from Tae Bo, but I just feel like there should be instruction in classes like these.

Afterwards, we treated ourselves to green teas at Starbucks.  The guy was super nice and asked if we had just worked out.  Then he gave us waters before our drink came out.  Um Huh!  He thought we were totally hot!

Hamster update:  The crazy running hamster was possessed overnight.  He was hissing and screeching when we tried to get near him and he freaked me out.  We took him back to the store, because I could not trust him around my little one.  OMG!!  I had no idea a hamster could be so much trouble!!

Meet Snowball!
 We ended up with a dwarf hamster, and I think the third time is the charm.  He is really sweet and much calmer than the first.  He's been letting all the kiddos play with him, and he's perfectly sweet!  Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

The most exercise I got today was walking from one end of our high school parking lot to the opposite parking lot to get to the football field, about a 15 minutes total.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July! We have so much to be grateful for. 

BTW, we did get a new hamster.  He is much bigger and fatter although much friendlier.  He is running on the hamster wheel as he has been doing for the last half hour.  He's putting me to shame. I bet he's even faster than me.  Maybe I should I explain to him that I am the runner in this house! 

UPDATE:  It's about an hour and a half past my original post, and he's still running.  I hate this hamster.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Free Falling

With our oldest being home, we had a complete family for the weekend.  After church, we all went to the pool to swim and make use of the high dive.  At least the little one and daddy would make use of the diving boards; I'm usually happy just treading water.  But as I watched my husband diving off the high dive, I thought to myself, "What is holding you back?"  Two of my friends went down the slide yesterday at the outdoor pool where we had the birthday party, so what's my problem?  So the second round of diving board jumps, I joined them. 

It was weird.  It has probably been at least 30 years since I have been on a diving board.  Luckily, my mermaid wanted to start on the low dive.  I walked to the end of it and looked down.  Pretty weird.  It was very bouncy.  She yelled, "Jump, Mommy" from the side.  So I took a deep breath, and I did jump.  Wow!  That felt great!  I did that a couple more times before she led me over to the high dive which are 3 meters.  I climbed the ladder and walked down the plank.  It was bouncy; a little too bouncy for comfort. Even the initial walk was kind of freaky.  Such a little board over the water, and it felt like you were going to fall just being on it.  It was a long way down.  She yelled out the same encouragement in her sweet little voice. I looked down at the water and took a deep breath.  I took another deep breath and jumped.  I'm sure I looked ridiculous, but it was great!  As I got out of the pool, I said to my daughter, "small victories!"  

I had a fear of the diving boards, a fear of looking silly, a fear of jumping and falling.  It's a victory over a fear, and any victory-no matter how small-should be celebrated.  I was happy.

Next we came home to get ready and left for Katz's Deli for dessert.  They have these cheesecake shakes that are FABULOUS!!  They used to be called Heart Attack in a Glass but they don't call them that anymore.  We all shared two because they are pretty big.  Soooo yummy.  After dinner, we took some pictures by a waterfall before heading home.  It was a great family day, and we had lots of fun.

But I had to work off my indulgence of that shake.  As soon as we got home, I put on my running shoes to hit the pavement.  My phone was dead, so it would be a no-music run. I took off and being that it wasn't too long after leaving the restaurant, I had to burp several times during the run.  It was kind of funny. It was like the jogging movement shook the gas bubbles up and forced these belches on me.  I think someone in their garage must have heard one.  How embarrassing.  But then again, I'm running and your sitting in your garage, so whatever! 

It was a good run.  My breathing was good, and I felt in the zone before I had even reached a mile.  It was warm out, but the breeze was nice and there was plenty of shade.

I ran a 5K.  Although I didn't beat my personal best, I am proud of my run.  I didn't have my music and I was still pretty full from dessert.  I kicked it up a notch for the last half mile, but it wasn't enough to catch up. I was four minutes behind my best time. 

It's been a long and very busy weekend.  I'm going to sleep in tomorrow (I hope).  I at least I have dreams of flying off the high dive and falling into the water.  With every little fear thats conquored, I'm closer and closer to being free.


July 2, 2011

It was garage sale weekend at our house.  Friday and Saturday's exercises consisted of working our garage sale in Texas heat!  We were the lucky ones; we had shade.  My neighbor Jamie had no shade for her sale, but she had a nice set up in her garage complete with TV and fans.  There was lots of moving of boxes, loading and unloading, walking back and forth, etc.  We had lots of stuff.  We did pretty well, but when we had to pack it all back up, it seemed like we didn't get rid of anything!  Garage sales are a funny thing.  It seems ridiculous to barter of things that are less than a dollar.  Part of me is like, "Fine, I just need to get rid of it!" and the other part of me is like, "why are you hassling me over 50 cents!"  But the nice part is is when you see someone find something that truly excites them or makes them happy.  We had this little Yoda action figure in a box that a little boy saw.  His grandmother told him to put it back, so I asked him if he would like to take him home.  His eyes lit up! He shook his head yes, so I handed it to him.  He was so excited and said "Thanks!!" and gave me a hug.  It made my day.  =)

Luckily for us on the first day, my friend Tiffany called us to come swimming at her house, so it was perfect timing for us to cool off and relax before getting ready for my little one's birthday party the next day.  We swam with them for a couple of hours before taking off to Party City and the grocery store for a cake.

Saturday, we wrapped it all up by noon.  Everything was in boxes and back in the garage ready for donation.  Mom came in and fixed everyone a glass of water.  I got mine and laid down under the ceiling fan in the living room, which is what I do most of the time when I come in from my runs.  My mom brought a small fan and set it in front of me.  My little one brought me a pillow and her snuggie, and before I knew it it was forty minutes later.  What a great nap!

The rest of the afternoon, we prepared party favor bags and cut up fruit before heading to the pool for her 7th birthday party.  My oldest daughter made it, too!  She was finishing work at a dance intensive and drove from school to get here. It was a great party, and luckily the cake was just enough for the kids and all the guests but not me.  =)

In between all of this, we (or I should say my husband) bought our little one a hamster for her birthday.  It's a little bitty robo hamster and he is tiny and lightning fast.  She said he's a hot rod, so she called him Roddy.  Within 18 hours, he was loose in the house.  He is super fast, so it was no surprise that this happened.  We set up traps in the house consisting of little ladders made of books that led to food in a bucket.  Right before bed, I saw him crawling from under my mom's bed to a pile of shoes.  I called for reinforcement from my oldest daughter and we cornered him.  My daughter had him in her hands screaming, "What do I do?? What do I do??" 
"Put him in the cage!"
We were cracking up, and the little one was quite happy to see him in the morning.  I think we're going to have to take him back for a more friendly hamster.  Robo hamsters do not really like people; the really only like each other.  I hope she can find one that will be a little nicer to her.  This one has bit her twice and me once.  But he is funny to watch. 

In his short weekend with us, Roddy has given us all excitement and had our heart rates going.  But I'm not counting that.

Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly

Thursday, June 30, 2011

I checked my facebook before I went to sleep, and I saw that Kelly was looking for spin exercises since we were going to have a chance to lead the class for five minutes.  So that clinched it for me.  I would get up and go to spin class even though I had said I wouldn't go until I got a pair of bicycling shorts.

I had my bag, fully packed for once, and I took off to the rec center at 5:30 in the morning.  I get there.  No Kelly.  Five minutes pass.  No Kelly!  Twenty minutes into class, I know Kelly is not coming. 

Class was good until it turned into a conversation class.  Unfortunately Matt got sucked into conversation, and the class went downhill from there.  I'm one of those people that just find it distracting when people talk during a class.  Matt had said that the woman who was responsible for the classes was quitting and today would be her last day.  We talked about that for several minutes and then he refocused us and kept going.  But then someone else said something else and then it escalated from there.  I had to stand up on my own because we were sitting and peddaling for too long.  It's all good. Class isn't usually like that, so I'm sure it won't happen again.  We didn't do the five minute thing either, but I don't know if that was decided before I got there or not.  That's okay.  I was kind of intimidated by the five-minute thing.

When I got to the dressing room, I texted Kelly, "Uh...Guess where I am!"  Then I texted her, "I think you owe me a breakfast taco for standing me up!"  Then I got to work and announced to everyone that I hauled my cookies out of bed and she stood me up.  I told them I was totally going to call her out here on this blog and yada yada yada.  When I got into my office, I saw that she had posted a message about her son keeping her up until after midnight with ear pain.  Even though all of the above ribbing was done in jest and sarchasm, I felt awful.  I texted her back, "Nevermind!"  Then I put on my mint flavored shoes and put my foot in my mouth. 

She knew I was kidding, but when she got to work, she did bring me a breakfast taco.  I'm lucky that she and the people I work with understand my sarchasm and sense of humor.  But I still felt bad for giving her a hard time.

Later that evening, we were supposed to get ready for a garage sale.  But since Shellie was out last Thursday, I didn't want to miss pilates again.  So I got dressed and left the house with the promise to come back and get to work.  But Shellie was MIA again.  I hope she's okay.  They said her son was sick, but I didn't think she had children, so I'm not sure what the story is.  So I went back home and, as promised, got to work on the garage sale. 

We. have. So. Much. Stuff.  I didn't realize how much junk had been accumulated in the past few years, but it was overwhelming as we were trying to organize it into some sort of order.  I think moving all that stuff should count as some sort of exercise since it was so hot and there was so much stuff.  I looked it up on MyFitnessPal, and it gave me quite a few calories for "moving household items."  I didn't count them all, but I did log in some.  We worked for a couple of hours on it, and I had to wonder if all this effort would be worth it.  I guess we'll see.

Just for an update, Kelly took her son to the doctor and got him a different medicine.  He is doing better now.  Let's hope they both get sleep tonight.