Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wii Warrior

It's National Running Day.  A day of observance that I didn't know existed, and I am unable to run today to celebrate it.  According to Runner's World there were other ways to celebrate:
  1. Every single time you see someone walking, even if that person is a stranger, encourage  him to break into a run. If he appears confused, demonstrate.
  2. Visit your local running specialty store,
And my personal favorite-

   3.  Throw rocks at people on bicycles. Boo, biking! Yay, running!

Today's schedule just didn't allow for a run.  And I looked for someone to ride by on a bike, but that didn't happen either.

After putting the little one to bed, I pulled out the neglected wii balance board and the wii Active.  I set it for the first day of the 30-day challenge with moderate intensity.  It was quite fun and a pretty good workout.  I remember when I tried to do the squats last time (a couple of years ago) and I couldn't squat low enough for it to register.  I was worried when it was the first exercise on the agenda.  But I was able to do them and with pretty good rhythm, too.  The boxing was fun.  There were some good arm exercises.  Apparently I also run slowly in place, because it yelled at me to speed up on the track.  Got news for you Mr. Wii Active; I run slow! This is not news; it is well covered material! 

I really liked the boxing.  It would be fun to get some boxing gloves and punch the bags in the gym.  For now, I think I'll pull out the wii a little more often and punch the air.  =)

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