Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pure Adrenaline

I love Texas.  I've lived here all my life, and it is home.  But I hate the heat.  I hear people from other states move here and they say they can't get used to the heat.  Well, guess what?  I've never gotten used to the heat, either.  And it's just starting.  We're not even at the hottest point yet.

So it's a million degrees outside and my calves are all jacked up from the hike.  And my new Brooks Adreneline shoes are sitting patiently in their box waiting for me to try them out. 

So I did.

Because it was the hottest part of the day, I decided I would only do the mile and a half track around the back of the neighborhood.  That and I didn't want to run on the trail and get my shoes dirty.  Silly, I know, but they can stay clean for at least a day.  I started the music and the Garmin and took off. The shoes were comfortable and cushiony.  But it was hot, and I seriously need to do something about the drips of sweat that fall from my head into my eyes.  That burns!  It was a great run, and maybe even a record.  I ran 1.59 miles at 4.4 mph.  That may be my best; if not, it's pretty close.

Must be the Adreneline shoes.  Or as my sister says, maybe it's the WP wearing them.  I like her way of thinking.  ;)

Later in the evening, I took off to the rec center to go to Strength Toning.  I got there late so all the light weights were taken, which left me with seven pounders.  I tried to push through everything, but there were a couple of shoulder exercises that I had to slow down on because the seven pounds was a little too much for so many reps.  She had us work our thighs and glutes quite a bit with squats.  Ouch!  Last muscle group was the abs and obliques.  She was really tough today, but funny.  It was good to be able to laugh in the middle of working so hard.

Overall, I was happy with the workout day.  I just don't know how many 5 pm runs are left this season.  I'm thinking not too many.  =(

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  1. You need to get one of those thick terry-cloth sweat-headbandsto wear while running outside. That keeps it out of your eyes. You might even look as cool as Tony! ;)