Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Non Scale Victories

I had the day off today, and I still woke up at 6 am.  I got up and I thought I could get up and go for a quick run.  But instead, I laid back down and fell back asleep until 8 am.  Really that's why you take a day off in the summer anyway, right?   

My little one had dance this morning, so I got dressed in my workout clothes so I could get a workout in while she was dancing.  I love that her class is at the rec center.  I looked up the classes and there was a body toning class by Megan going on at the same time.  I considered doing this, but I was really sore already from the circuit training from yesterday, so I wasn't really sure if I wanted to tackle it.  I thought maybe it would be better to give the muscles some recover time.  And then when I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the crazy boot camp meanie, Stephanie.  I guess sometime during the semester, Megan and Stephanie switched classes.  Part of me wanted to go in anyway just because, but I thought better of it.  If I needed to take it easy on the muscles, Stephanie's class would not be the place to do that.

I didn't know what to do.  I stood in the hall for a few minutes debating.  Upstairs track? Treadmill? Elliptical?  What to do...what to do???  I went ahead and went into the weight room.  I started on the elliptical and did a 22 minute jaunt.  Then I went to the treadmill and did a 15 minute run.  I set the treadmill for 4.0 mph, but I also increased the elevation to 1 ft.  I normally never touch it.  After the treadmill, I went to the recumbent bike for the last 17 minutes.  It wasn't a hard core intense workout, but it was productive.   I worked up a sweat and kept the heart rate going.  I had just enough time to stretch before the dance class was over.

After that we went home.  I was putting some clothes away and looked at my bathing suit.  I had a problem.  My suit has been ripped for a month or so.  But I didn't really care because it was only a couple of small rips, and I didn't want to go buy another one.  But when I saw it in the drawer, I saw that the small rip in the back was now from one side clear to the other, which left a huge piece of material hanging down.  The rip in the front was now as large as I thought the one in the back had been.  It was time to get a suit.

We got in the car and took off.  I found a couple that I thought were cute.  I thought I'd try to get a one piece without a skirt to help with swimming, so I focused on that.  I picked out the size I thought I was and one smaller.  When all was said and done, I had to get one size even smaller.  That's three sizes!  THREE!!  I was so excited.  So I went and picked out some pants.  I picked out the same three sizes.  The smallest was too tight, but I could still get them on, zipped and buttoned.  I couldn't believe it!  I was happy, especially since the scale hadn't moved in a few days.  It was the non-scale victory that I needed to remind me that I'm on the right track.

However, I'm really sore today and my body feels tired. This evening we walked to the park and I think that pushed me over the edge. I fell asleep with her for a about half an hour.  Since I can't go spinning in the morning because my mom is not here to be in the house with the little one, I'll be sleeping in again.  Maybe that will help.   We'll see.

In the meantime, I'm going to go try on a couple of shirts that my sister gave me.  They are still too small I'm sure, but I'm betting that I can at least pull them on now.  =)

I'll try them on and sing, "I am the warrior, and victory is mine..."

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