Monday, June 20, 2011

Ladies who Lunch

So yesterday, I had a little tantrum about workout outfits and looking cute and all that stuff.  I really do mean that when I go to work out, I want to work out.  I like to get sweaty because I really feel like I'm working.  I like to work hard and sometimes push myself.  Now this morning, as I'm once again questioning my sanity for being at the gym so early, there is another dimension to the looking-cute-at-the-gym issue.

Ladies who lunch.

I really have no idea if these ladies lunch or not, and I have no idea if you are a lady who can lunch why you would be at the gym at 5:30.  What I do know is these ladies were dressed in cute workout outfits, they came in together, and they sat on the weight machines and talked.  A lot!  Luckily they were not on machines that I needed, but they sat on the same machines for the entire thirty minutes that I was doing some circuit training.   I think if Dianne and I were going for morning conversation at 5:30 in the morning, I would rather be at Starbucks in a comfy chair than on a weight machine with my legs spread apart.  Maybe it's just me.

(Disclaimer:  This blog does not discriminate against ladies who lunch.  It's author actually wishes to be a lady who could stay home with her child and do lunch with other ladies as well as get to the gym, although not necessarily in cute outfits.)

Anyway.  I did wake up early and packed my bag and my lunch.  I did remember every thing this time, even a towel!  I am still waiting for and hoping that the early morning movement will get easier.  The first five minutes on the elliptical were tough, but by the time I moved on, I felt a little better.  I didn't really have time for the full circuit training ala Kyle, so I grabbed the ball and started with crunches.  I then moved on to machines.  I did two machines of twelve reps each then went back to twenty crunches on the ball, then two more machines, then twenty more crunches.  I did this for almost forty minutes.  I tried to keep a fast pace in between everything, and I think it was effective because my arms and my abs feel pretty good.

Tonight was women's group, so there was no evening workout; although I did dance a few dances with my little one and her cousin to Just Dance 2 before I had to leave.  I think that can count as exercise.  It sure was fun, and what was even better is that it was 5:30 in the evening rather than the morning. 

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