Saturday, June 25, 2011


Yesterday, Grace Kelly and I took our girls to the zoo.  We arrived at 10 am with a wagon to pull out stuff and our coolers containing our lunch.  Imagine the disappointment of the girls when they realized they were not going to be the inhabitants of the wagon!  These 6-year-olds who, on any given day, would make you crazy and wear you out to the point of exhaustion suddenly lost every fiber of energy that they had.  Boy were they in for a long day...

We saw some much needed rain the day before, so the morning was kind of overcast.  Although it was humid, we were happy to have somewhat cooler weather.  The animals must have been happy too, because they were quite active.  We walked around taking breaks as needed until after two o'clock when the sun started shining a little too strongly.  We finished the day with dippin' dots for the girls and the sea lion show before heading out.

I'm going to have to count the four hours at the zoo as my exercise for this day, because I evidently was worn out.  I took a nap after dinner and had no problems falling asleep at bedtime.

I didn't sleep in today, but I was still lacking motivation.  I watched television rather than starting the morning with a workout, and I still wasn't feeling it when the afternoon rolled around.  I did manage to do some cleaning.  I cleaned out the "art cabinet" and my daughter's fish bowl, mopped, vacuumed, started dinner, etc. but the gumption was gone.

I decided to go to the gym before dinner and after my husband got home from work.  I begrudgingly got in the car and drove to the rec center.  After a quick 5 minute warm up on the elliptical, I went to the mat for circuit training.  About half way into it, I started getting into it.  After running through all exercises twice, I tackled a couple of machines to work my thighs a little bit more.  I couldn't get to one machine though because this one lady was sitting on it for like twenty minutes.  She had it on the lowest weight possible and was reading a book.  I had never seen anyone sit on a weight machine like a recumbent bike and read a book.  For twenty minutes.

I wanted to get some cardio in, so I went to the treadmill.  I didn't have my phone so I made sure to find a tv show I could listen to instead.  After a couple of minutes I found Without a Trace.  Luckily a new episode was just starting.  I hit the buttons and set it for 20 minutes, but just a few minutes into it, I had to use the bathroom.  I made it to five before stopping the machine.

While I was washing my hands, I figured I would just go ahead and go home.  I had already stretched, warmed up and worked out for an hour, so really I was done.

Then I looked at myself in the mirror with my new shirt, my new shirt that is loose on the top and tight in the middle.  Then I turned sideways to see my profile.  "You've got another ten minutes in you!" the voice said.  There's the gumption!!  So I went upstairs to jog the track.  I would have loved to have gone outside and ran, but it was still very hot.  So I took off with no music.  I started out pretty strong I felt, but I didn't have the Garmin so I'm not sure what my pace was. I ran for a solid 11 minutes during which time the meanie Stephanie joined me on the track.  She must have just finished her boot campus class.  She hollered at a couple of teenage boys that they were going the wrong way.  (laughing emoticon inserted here)

I was glad I went, of course, but I don't understand why there are those days when you just don't want to.  It scares me how strong the desire to NOT work out can be.  But the will to continue, thank God, is stronger.  My sister says the twenty pounds gone are twenty pounds I'll never see again.  I like that.  And I know that it is my choice and my decisions that will make that statement true.

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