Monday, June 6, 2011

Early Bird

It sounded good, waking up early and hitting the gym.  Some of the ladies in my women's group are meeting to go swimming or to go spinning.  It sounded theory.

I woke up at 5 am.  I knew I should get up.  I argued with myself for a little over half an hour before I finally got out of bed and got dressed.  I got in my car and hit the road to the rec center.  Without coffee.

I got on the elliptical for a quick five minute warm up.  OMG!!!  It was so hard to get moving.  I had it set on level five, and it may as well have been like walking on wet cement.  My legs felt heavy and I was winded in no time.  I don't even think I made it a quarter of a mile in the five minutes. 

Next, I picked up my weights to do the circuit training.  Even the weights felt heavier.  Once I got to the mat, I took a deep breath and got started with the bosu v-sits.  I did make it through the circuit only once, but I didn't have time to run through it a second time because I had to have time to shower and get ready for work.  Instead I did a few of the leg machines to try to loosen up my legs. 

I did a good cool down and stretch before heading home.  Once I got to work, my legs still felt really stiff.  As the morning went on, my glutes were getting more sore.  It took me a while to realize that it was soreness from the Wii Active workout.  I guess all those squats and lunges are paying off. 

I hope it gets easier to wake up and get moving in the morning.  Maybe the argument to get out of bed won't last as long next time.  I hope it gets easier.  Early bird or angry bird-right now there's a fine line between the two. 

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