Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Creek Side Creatures

I had it all together this time.  My lunch was ready to go. I had my bag packed with shoes and and panties and everything.  All I had to do was grab the hairspray before I left and my pre-night ritual would be been perfect.  All I had to do was wake up and get dressed in my workout clothes that were laid out on the bed. 

But I didn't wake up.

It was five after six when I woke up.  I laid there for a few minutes and then decided I still had time for a quick run.  It's light already, and I could hear birds outside.  I took my phone, but I didn't listen to any music.  I started from my driveway this time instead of the trail.  I did stretch before I left, but my legs felt like they weighed a couple hundred pounds.  Well, mine probably do, but they usually don't feel like they do. 

Shortly after I got on the trail I looked at the creek.  It was so still it looked like glass.  Then I heard a really loud splash!  I don't know what jumped into the water, but when I turned around there was some strange beaver-looking thing running up to the water.  I slowed down because I had no idea what it was.  It looked, seriously, like a beaver without the tail.  It was too cute to be a rat, plus it's face was fatter.  It wasn't a possum.  I had no clue!  Well, that was exciting!  There were a few other animals to see but nothing else out of the ordinary.  I did a quick 1.5 miles and I had to get back home to get ready for work.

When I got home, I was telling my husband about it.  Immediately, he was like, "Oh, it must have been a nutria."  What? I've never heard of such a thing; but I looked it up, and sure enough, it was a nutria.  How does he know that?  Or does everyone know that and I'm just a sheltered non-nature momma that only knows basic animals?  In case you are like me, here's a picture of my natural encounter.

Not the actual one, but this looks like him.
I'm telling you, it's exciting stuff.  The animals and this new side of me that emerges all the time.  When I started this journey, I did not like being outside all that much.  Not unless I was sitting in the shade, watching the little one play, or maybe talking with the neighbors while having a glass of wine .  I hated being hot and I loathed sweating!  And of course, running was only something I would have done if my life depended on it.  Maybe not even then.  My life never did depend on it, so we may never really know.  It's part of my transformation that I wasn't anticipating.

As we get hotter and hotter here in Texas, I'll have to get my runs in early like today or later in the evening.  I guess that's really when all creek side creatures come out anyway. 

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