Sunday, June 5, 2011

100 Degrees of Separation

If it wasn't officially summer in Texas, today it is.  We have, as of today, reached 100 degree temperatures.  Blechhhh!!!!

After church and lunch, I took my Mexican jumping bean to the pool.  I am counting it as some exercise, because she definitely kept me busy while we were there.  I treaded water while she attempted to dive in the deep end, and I swam after her wanted me to chase her, and I spun her around thus working my thighs.  It works.  I didn't let us stay out there for too long because of the sun, and I hate that the heat keeps us away from the outdoors.

While having her snow cone, she got a little headache; so she went to lay down with Daddy.  I took advantage of the time to turn on the Wii and do day two of the 30 day challenge of the Wii Active.  I'm still surprised at how tough these little 30 minute workouts are.  Soooo many lunges!  And running.  I really don't like running on the Wii because it doesn't pick up my movements.  I wonder if I can have it substitute something else since I run on my own.  I'll have to look into that.  I don't really like the lunges either, but I feel a sense of accomplishment when I get through them.  Kind of like sit ups.  I never could do them before, so it makes me feel strong.

I don't think I'll get to any other exercise today.  It's girl's night, and I'm going to dinner with my two oldest friends.  I should add oldest as in length of friendship, not old as in age. =) Besides that, I don't think I want to venture out in this 100 degree heat again.  Not if I don't have to. 

And until the little one wants to go outside, I don't have to.

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