Saturday, May 21, 2011

On The Run

Grace Kelly and I strayed from the formula today.  We met at the rec center for Strength Toning at 8:00 am; and rather than stay for zumba, we opted to go get fitted for running shoes.

The regular teacher was back for the toning class, and she is a hoot!  I'd seen her but never met her.  She also teaches a cardio salsa class on Sundays, but church prevents me from attending that one.  I bet she's great!  She worked us out today with weights and the exercise ball.  I really feel it in my shoulders.  My arms were already on alert from circuit training yesterday, so now they feel like they weigh a ton.  The only thing I really struggled with was the bridge on the ball.  We had to use out legs to pull in the ball and back out again and again.  I had to rest between the set, and I didn't make it through.  Then I heard her say, "This is what you're working toward.  Do what you can!"  I liked her more than I already did. 

Renae, our zumba teacher, is out of town, so it wasn't so bad skipping out. After saying hello to our zumba friends, we snuck out and went to the gym.  We decided on a quick 15 minute run on the treadmill before heading to the shoe store.  My shoes are dying, by the way.  I realized while in the toning class that the bottom rear of my right shoe had a flat. That is to say that the sole was coming off.  I didn't think it would hinder me though because it was in the back.  So I have a flat tire and no music, but I hit the 15 minute timer anyway and started running.  Every other step, I hear it.  Instead of the rhythmic thump, thump, thump, thump I heard thump, thump-ump, thump, thump-ump.  I tried not to concentrate on it, but with no music, it was kind of hard not to.  I kept a steady 4 mph pace the whole time, while Grace upped her speed a tenth every lap she ran.  I think it was a perfect short run after the toning class.

Off we go now to the store, On The Run.  I should premise this with the Sun and Ski Sport story.  We signed up for Women's Night on Thursday, and they were going to have all these clinics, one on which was on running shoes.  When we walked in there was a New Balance rep there with a table.  We walked by, and he avoided eye contact with us.  Didn't even acknowledge us.  I didn't think much of it until we passed him a second time.  The next clinic was on traveling gear, and since Kelly and I don't hike, we decided to just go look at the shoes.  On the way, I thought we should ask Mr. New Balance about his line of shoes, but he was with another lady talking to her about shoes.  So, it wasn't that he wasn't talking about shoes; he wasn't talking to us about shoes.  I guess we didn't fit the "runner" look.  So now we're going to a store specifically for runners; I didn't know what to expect.

We walked in, and we were immediately greeted by a young man.  I told him I was trying to price a pair of running shoes.  He asked me to take my shoes off and walk back and forth a couple of times.  After watching me walk, he told me my left foot was leaning outward (supination) and he recommended a balance shoe.  He went to the back and pulled out three pair after sizing me.  He asked that I try one on one foot and another on the other foot to compare.  After four different shoes and much to my dismay, I really liked the New Balance 860.  After the rep was rude to us, I didn't want to like the NB shoe, but of course that's the way it worked.  ;)  He even wrote the shoe down for me on a business card.  It was just a great experience.  Fantastic service and lots of information. I highly, highly recommend this store!

Although I did not buy a pair of Nike shoes, I did see and like this quote:

"The only one who can tell you 'you can't' is you. And you don't have to listen."

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