Monday, May 2, 2011

&$^*)@#&!# Monitors

I seriously think the heart rate monitor/GPS gods are angry at me.  First my phone refuses to accurately track my runs, and now the Garmin has forsaken me. 

There was no workout yesterday.  Now that the hot tub is fixed, our little mermaid is opting for it rather than the pool.  So, I was going to hit the gym but my workout clothes were in the washer or dryer or still dirty.  No problem, I'll go swimming.  But as I was walking out the door, she changed her mind and decided to go with me.  So there was only playing yesterday.

I couldn't let myself take another day off, especially since there would be cake balls at women's group tonight.  So I strapped on the Garmin and my armband and took off.  I have to say everything went very well.  My pace was steady and my breathing came easy.  I kept checking the monitor, and my heart rate was good.  It showed my pace at 4 mph.  I ran a different route and when I made it back to my street I was at 2 miles 30 minutes exactly.  I couldn't wait to upload the data to see the detailed results.  But lo and behold, when I plugged it in the data was nowhere to be found! Really???  I was so disappointed!  I don't even know what my average heart rate was.  >=(  I do know that it didn't get into the 160's until the last half mile though, so that is at least something.

It seems as though my pace is starting to average at least 4 mph, which is exciting.  I still have to think about it though, because I notice that I would rather be running a little slower.  I guess it's more comfortable, but not as challenging as it used to be.  It's just a matter of pushing myself to keep my heart rate up to 160, which is where it used to be at the slower pace. And running 2 miles at this pace doesn't deplete me either.  It feels good when I'm done, but it's not like I couldn't go another minute.  I guess the next test will be to run a 5K at this pace, and see how I feel after that.

And seriously, I have to figure out what I'm doing wrong or who I'm making angry when it comes to these monitors.  I have to be able to get it right more than once. 

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  1. My Garmin lost my Austin 1/2 marathon data. I was very upset. I almost cried because that was my milestone I wanted recorded.