Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Light Night

Before my youngest was born, we were members of the YMCA.  I had a trainer who promised me a new body.  Instead, I got pregnant.  I did get a new body, just not the one my trainer promised me.  ;)

My friend Dianne and I would meet up there often, and I remember loving the elliptical machine.  Tonight was Zumbatonic and I rode up with her and the kiddos for the class.   The plan was for me to use a guest pass to workout with her while the kids were in class, but class was cancelled.  We were just going to leave, but the child care people kept the kids for a little while to exercise instead.  So since we had a few minutes, we went for the ellipticals.  They are different than the ones that we have at the rec center, and I remember now why I used to love the elliptical so much! These machines have the cross ramp. I think the ones we have at the rec center are more like adaptive motion trainers. 

Regardless, we were limited on time, so we did 30 minutes on the machine.  I ended up with a little over two miles and a nice glisten with a few drips.  Not bad for a quickie!  Once we finished and stretched for a few minutes, we went to pick up the kiddos. It was perfect timing since they were just bringing them back to the room.

I spent the rest of the night watching Alfred Hedgehog and reading books before putting the little one to bed.  It was a light exercise night, but I can't complain.  I got to get my heart rate up, I got to catch up with my friend, and my little one got to play with her honorary cousins. 

No, I really can't complain.  It was actually kind of great!

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