Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope everyone had a wonderful mother's day!  Mine started with a wonderful breakfast prepared by my husband.  It was an egg and onion omelet with bacon.  He knew I wouldn't want pancakes.  =)  Then it was off to church by myself =( for an awesome service. 

Once I got home, I wanted to go cash in a Barnes and Noble gift card for my new Nook.  I took the little one with me because she loves to shop.  For anything.  She is unlike me who really doesn't like to shop for anything.  But off we go, and we had fun.  On the way home, I was beginning to think that something is definitely wrong with me.  We drove home on some back roads and there were these large telephone poles on the ground, I guess waiting to be put up.  All I could think was "That looks like an obstacle!" and then imagined myself trying to run over them above the ditch. 
Telephone Pole or Unknowing Obstacle Challenge?

So thinking about this challenge, I got all pumped up.  I was thinking I could get home and go for a run.  I had about an hour before my daughter got home which gave me time to do a 5K and shower before everyone was hungry for dinner.  I was plotting out my route driving home in my nice, cool, air conditioned vehicle.  Nonetheless, I got out of my car, and it was hot!  Yucky, Texas, humid hot!  Then the little one reminded me I had promised to take her to the park.  Then my oldest drove up.  Best laid plans, right?

So, I changed gears and we went to the park for a little while before heading to dinner.  We went to a local bar-b-que place, and while I didn't get the stuffed baked potato, I did eat all my dinner.  When I logged it in, I was almost 200 calories over my allotted 1200. 

Bed time was a little early and went pretty quickly as my angel was very tired.  So early was it that I still had some daylight left.  So I rushed into my workout clothes and all my gear and took off to the trail.  I took a different route and actually went into the park before going through the neighborhood.  After the 2 mile mark, several things happened in succession.  First, I checked the Garmin and decided I was going to run the 3.1 miles.  Second, the sun started dropping quickly, and it was getting dark.  I get really nervous in the dark, especially when I'm by myself.  Then, the worst thing happened.  I had to go to the bathroom, and I hadn't gone before I left.   But I really wanted to run a 5K.  What to do, what to do?!  I could wait to go potty. So I decided that I would conquer my fear of the dark.  After all, if someone tried to attack me, I would just poop on them.  I would try to make it through.  So I kept going. 

I made it to 2.63 miles.  Then I had to walk before something terrible happened.  I made it home.  Lesson learned: Always go to the bathroom before going for a run.  Especially if your run is shortly after dinner.

I know this is probably WAY to much information.  Just keeping it real.  Sorry.


  1. You got a Nook??

  2. Really? That's what you got out of my I-almost-pooped-my-pants story? Lol!

    Yes, they surprised me with one. Don't be mad. =)