Friday, May 13, 2011

Feel the Earth...Or Not!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My daughter does not like yoga.  Especially when the instructor is all about "feel the earth" and "listen your lungs" and all that new age stuff that she is just not into.  So when I asked her if she would like to to join me at pilates, she looked at me with that face that I know so well. It was the same face that she made when I asked her if she wanted to go for a jog with me, and she asked unbelievingly, "Outside? Who are you, and what have you done with my mother?"

After convicing her that pilates is very different than yoga, she decided to join us.  There was also some discussion of her aversion to downward dog.  I assured her we never did downward dog in pilates.  

I don't know if Shellie took it easy on us, or if I was just in the zone; but I had a great workout.  I felt really engaged and strong and some exercises I was able to do at level two. (not the planks)  But my right foot cramped up somewhere in the middle.  I tried and tried to work it out, but it kept coming back.  At one point, we were sitting on the floor with one foot up in the air and doing all this work.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I had to get the cramp out.  It took me a few seconds, but when it was done I was lost as to where we were and wondered if we had switched legs.  So I asked, "Are we still on the same leg?"  Shellie said yes, and I jumped back in. 

Shellie is a good instructor.  Now, she will call you out in class if you are not in proper form or something like that, but she really does care that you are working to your potential and not doing something that can hurt you.  She pays attention.  Like one time, she wanted us to sit with our knees bent with our feet flat on the ground and our knees together.  So I was trying to do this but I couldn't.  So I put my feet flat on the ground but then my knees weren't together.  So she said, "knees together" so I put my knees together and my feet were no longer flat, so she said, "feet flat on the ground" so I had to tell her aloud in class, "I have too much fat around here to do both!" (pointing to my middle) 

In today's class we were doing side planks on our forearm, and I heard her say a couple times "Right foot in front', but I knew she wasn't talking to me because I was only on level one.  Later I found out she was talking to Kelly who was embarrassed for being called out.  But I tried to make her feel better because I called myself out for not knowing which leg were on.  My daughter asked me, "How could you get lost?  We didn't move?" I had to explain about my cramp.  But then I thought if my daughter thought that was a dingy question, then it probably seemed like that to others, too. 

As the class was ending and she was stretching us out, she calls out for us to get in downward dog, and hang out there for a few.  I laughed because I had promised we didn't do downward dog.  But my daughter held no grudges and she enjoyed herself.  Shellie complimented her on her strength and balance.  Like I said, she's a good instructor.  She teaches, and she's tough; but she's always ready to tell you what you're doing right and encourage you.  Very unlike the boot camp nazi, whose class I am not going to today.

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