Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

I really need to invest in another pair of exercise pants.  I forgot to wash them yesterday and I didn't think about its since I really didn't work out; so they remained dirty.  So I went upstairs and found an old pair of stretchy pants that I figured would do the job.  And they did, although they tried their hardest to end up around my ankles.  The elastic was shot, and they were very loose.  Lesson learned: don't wear pants with worn out elastic while running.  Oh, the things you learn on the journey to becoming a runner.

I had invited Kelly and her daughter over for the evening so the girls could play.  One thing led to another and my awesome husband offered to watch them while they played outside in the spa, and Kelly and I decided to go for a run.  For the first time since we ran over the overpass bridge, I was running with company.  Without a real plan, we took off.  We decided to go on the trail and to the park.  We kept a decent pace, but I think the most impressive thing was that we held a conversation pretty much the whole time.  As we rounded the corner back to my street, we were at 2.53 miles.  So, although this is not the furthest or fastest I've run, it's a milestone run.  I know now that I can run comfortably with my friend, I know that I can have a conversation while keeping a decent pace, and I can do so and not feel like I'm going to die.  It felt great!  We probably could have gone further; but it was getting late and bedtimes were needed by our cherubs.  And I was tired of fighting with my pants.

As we were walking out to the driveway to say goodbye, the girls ran across the street to watch our neighbor's son practice cracking a whip.  This made me nervous, so I hollered for them to scoot back.  They run back to our side of the street while my little one hollered, "Get back, he's crapping the whip!"  =)  One last laugh for the night.

Now I'm relaxing before bed and watching today's Oprah on people that have lost over 100 pounds.  I don't need to lose that much, but I'm watching for encouragement.  Grace Kelly is down 10 pounds, and I'm waiting for another dip on the scale.  Although the numbers aren't moving as fast as I would like, I know that we are on the path.  Bob Green says, "...it's about a decsion that you make every day of your life."  Decisions, decisions.  We're faced with them every day.  We make good ones and bad ones.  But I have to say, I think we've got this.

Days to Warrior Dash: 193

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  1. If you make a bad decision today its ok, just make good ones tomorrow. :)