Friday, May 20, 2011

Danger Zone

It's Friday!  I am so close to being in a slump, it's not even funny!  Discouraged about no weight loss, discouraged about lack of exercise, discouraged about food.  I'm in the danger zone!

Because I was in the depths of discouragement (I am not a drama queen), I laid down on the couch and closed my eyes for a few minutes as soon as I got home.  It would have been so easy to stay there.  I had no real motivation to get up and go anywhere or do anything.  Luckily my husband came home and asked the question I needed someone to ask me.  "Are you going to workout today?"

I answered yes while yawning. It would have been so easy to say no.  But I got up, got dressed, and took off to the rec center.  I listened to songs that I could sing really loud to in hopes of waking up.  I plan on running with Kelly tomorrow, so I didn't wear my running shoes.  Instead of warming up with a jog, I decided to try the rowing machine.  It didn't look like a fancy one.  The display is very small and there is no calorie count and the distance was in kilometers.  All I know is that I rowed for 5 minutes to warm up.  I could feel it in my arms, and I concentrated on keeping my abs in. 

Then I was awake.  I looked around, and the gym was pretty empty.  I had the mat to myself!  I ran through the "Kyle" circuit again.  I felt so much better.  It's a tough program, but I was in the middle of it and getting out of my slump.  Then I realized I was listeing to the wrong voice.  There are some pretty mean things that go on in your head if you let them.  It's not a slump; It's just a bad week.  Not even a full week.  I can do this.  I thought of Anne from Anne of Green Gables, '...tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.'  

I took my refreshed attitude to the recumbent bike. I rode for twenty minutes and cooled down for two.  The workout lasted an hour, but I felt better and encouraged once again. But I'm not out of the danger zone. The danger zone will always be lurking, ready to take me down in a weak moment. 

I think I prefer being in the zumba zone.

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