Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Today, I got home to the sounds of laughter and giggles as the little one and her daddy were playing a board game.  It was a wonderful sight.  i was hoping to go to the Ab-Ripper's class, but since things were going so well at home, I asked if she wanted me or daddy to put her to bed.  She said, "Daddy!"  This means I can go to zumba afterwards. Yea! In honor of Cinco De Mayo (and the fact that I had ground beef thawing out), I made tacos for dinner.

After my speed dinner cooking, I barely made it to pilates on time.  I was a little late, but not too late that I missed the hundred.  Ouch! It was a good class.  She used the exercise ball quite a bit this time.  This is one really cool thing about Shellie's class.  She is always changing things up.  She had some modifications on the mermaid move too that was pretty neat.  Kelly is really taking off in this class!  She's doing great and loving it!  I'm going to take her some pilates DVDs so she can get some more pilates in during the week.  Hopefully we can get the rec center to add more classes in the summer.  I definitely need it, since I think my abs are the weakest part of me.  Abs and arms. 

There's thirty minutes in between classes, which gave us enough time to get a bottle of water and put our mats away.  Then zumba started. Kelly is a regular attender of this class, but this is only my 2nd or 3rd time with this instructor. I had resolved to have a good time in class and not get aggravated.  I had the Garmin in place, and things looked good.  She threw in a really fun song for Cinco De Mayo that made us laugh. But I also had to laugh as the second song came on, and there was a small "oops" in the dance moves.  No problem, just shrug it off and keep going. After that, she didn't forget anything until a half hour into it.  Grace Kelly is starting to "shake it" a little more, and even the instructor noticed and complimented her on it.  So how can I not like her a little more when she is giving praise to my friend. 

Once I got home, and the house was quiet, I couldn't help but feel a little sad.  And guilty.  I missed basically the entire night with my family.  I took advantage of a good situation so I could get in a good workout.  But I didn't get to take my angel outside to play or put her to sleep.  I really enjoy going to classes during the week, but I don't think I'll be pulling this again.  I feel like I'm missing too much time.  Where is the balance?  There has to be a balance. 

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