Monday, May 30, 2011

China Garden

May 28, 2011
This holiday weekend, we were visiting my sister in Austin.  By the time we got there, it was lunch time and everyone was starving; so we headed to Chuy’s for lunch. Chuy’s is a great Mexican food place that has great salads; so I’m thinking, I can be good.
Well, I could have been good.  But they have the fantastic Texas martini’s which is basically a 16 ounce top shelf margarita with pepper infused tequila.  It was delicious and it set me back about 500 calories.  No problem.  They also had a 45 minute wait.  Forty five minutes to wait AND a grumbling tummy AND tequila is not a good combination.  Especially when you have tortilla chips and jalapeno ranch at the table.  I did get my salad, but not before I consumed another 400 calories worth of chips and dips, I’m sure.
My calf was feeling better, so since I had 5 calories for the remainder of the day, I figured I better get some exercise.  I let the martini and the food digest, and I took off for a run.
Now, my sister lives in Austin on the top of a hill.  But the route I picked out was relatively flat, or so I thought.  Off I go in the heat to make up for my lack-of-willpower lunch.  I ran down the main road and around the park.  Once I got to the park, the elevation was a downgrade slope, so rather than keeping m pace like I normally do, I thought I would try to take advantage of it; so I sped up.  Once I got to the other side of the park, however, it was an upward slope.  Regardless of how minimal it seemed when I drove it, it seemed substantial when I was running it.  I am such a wimp when it comes to elevation.  So the trip back was a little rougher.  My pace was somewhat slower than normal and I kept thinking, “I’m almost there!”   I know that you have to pass a street called China Garden twice before turning on it to get back to my sisters.  So the first time I see China Garden, I think of how I’m almost there.  Then the second China Garden came along.  But when I went to turn onto it, it was a cul-de-sac.  How many times have I been to my sisters and never noticed there were THREE China Gardens to pass??!  I had two more blocks to go!!  Curse you China Garden!!
So I keep going and finally turn on to the correct China Garden.  I looked down at the Garmin, and I was at 1.9 miles as I got to my sister’s street.  So I passed it till I got to 1.95 and then turned around so when I made it back to her house, I would be at a perfect two miles. 
When I downloaded the run data, the elevation change was a little over 50 feet.  Not bad and definitely not a steep grade, but the little changes made a big difference.  I could feel it.
Now I’m thinking about this hike tomorrow.  I know I don’t have to do it.  I know I don’t want to do it.  Fifty feet is nothing compared to eight hundred!  I would rather go sit in a Chinese Garden.

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