Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not So Sweaty Sunday

So yesterday, I resolved it was going to be a better week.  And although I did not start the week off by joining the sweat club, I think I started it off pretty darn good. 

After spending the afternoon at church, the little one and I headed to the natatorium.  The warm up pool was out of commission, completely empty as a matter of fact, which leaves the big pool.  We both love that.  While she swam around, I treaded water.  She unwittingly forced me to work even harder when she would swim to me and hold on to me.  Either I would tread harder or we would sink.  She loves to swim so we swam a couple of laps.  Then I swam a few more trying to time myself.

I was checking out the information for the triathlon at the YMCA, and the swimming portion is 300 meters.  300 meters is 6 times the length of the pool and a little over 13 times the width.  It took me between 35 to 37 seconds to swim the width once, which means it would take me about 8 minutes to swim 300 meters.  And that's if I could keep that pace.  Being that I was getting winded after two laps, I think I have a way to go.  Not only that, but I don't own goggles, a swim cap, or even a proper swimming bathing suit.  I really have a long way to go.

This evening, I pulled out a yoga DVD that I got from McDonald's a few years ago.  It's a 15 minute workout and you can choose the level and the goal of the workout.  So I chose "I'm up for a challenge" and "Give me strength."  I really don't think I was expecting such a tough workout from a DVD I got from McDonald's.  The sun salutations were tough, and then they threw planks in there!  PLANKS!!!  >=(  

I know it sounds like I'm whining, but i really enjoyed the swimming with my daughter.   How blessed can you be to get in some exercise while playing.  It's gonna be a good week!

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