Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just Keep Swimming

I think I really hurt my calf.  It feels much worse today, and I'm concerned that stretching doesn't make it feel better.  It's different than just being sore.  It hurts.

By the time the work day was over, my whole body hurt; I guess from overcompensating.  Unfortunately, I had to go by the grocery store; which meant I had more Frankenstein walking while I picked up a few things.  The good thing is that I picked up some Epsom salt, too.  I'll put that to good use right before bed.

So I got home, completely depleted and ready to plop on the couch and stay there.  My husband asked if I was going to work out, and I said no and if I did I would have to swim or something because my leg hurt.  And he encouraged me to go, so I did.  Now everytime I've had swimming in my head, it hasn't work out.  Either I get caught up in something else, or the pool is going to close, or there are too many people and I'm intimidated.  But not today.  Today I walked over to the swimming lanes like I belonged there, jumped in the pool and swam some laps.  The water felt great, and I really enjoyed myself. I tried to watch the lady swimming in the lane next to me, because she really knew what she was doing.  I tried to mimic her breathing techniques, but I just can't catch my breath when I turn my face out of the water.  I guess it will take practice.  No matter; I just kept swimming.  I swam back and forth and treaded water every so often when I needed to catch my breath.  I ended up staying for an hour.  =)

It was fun, and I didn't even have to break a sweat.  Somehow I think ab-ripper Shellie will change that tomorrow.   That is as long as my leg is not worse tomorrow.  If it is, and I have to keep taking it easy, I'll just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....

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