Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Hiker

What a weekend!  Although I had no workouts on Friday OR Saturday, I made up for it today.  OMG did I ever make up for it today!

The weekend started with a drive to my daughter's university so we could watch her spring dance performance.  It was great.  We stayed with her Friday night, and had a wonderful morning and afternoon with her.  Then we drove to Austin to see my sister and her family.  We had planned on doing one of the P90X DVDs in the evening, but instead, we drove back to San Marcos to see the dance performance again.  It was a great show, and I always love watching her dance.

Last August, when I was not working out and at my heaviest weight, my sister took me on this nature trail in her neighborhood.  It was a very tough hike, and I found myself praying for a crazed trail stalker to find me and end my suffering half way through it.  It's a 3 mile trail with elevation of over 800 ft.!  It was tough, and this is the warning sign I found at the end of it!

It says: Warning!  This is a strenuous hike with numerous steep sections.  It also talked about two emergency exits, which I did NOT see.

So, 2 1/2 months into my training, I was curious to see what the difference would be doing this hike again. At the very least I was hoping that I wouldn't be praying for death.

We were joined by my fellow Warrior Princess, Che and her friend, Tara.  The four of us took off on the trail.  I was trying to pace myself, remembering what it was like the first time.  I had borrowed my sister's heart rate monitor; so I was checking it, and things looked good.  Then the stairs started coming.  And coming. And coming.  There are periods of flat surfaces and downward hikes, too; but the downward grade was of little comfort because going down only means you have to come back up.  It was still a very tough trail.  Last time, a little after the 1.5 mile marker, I had picked up a large stick and used it like a cane to help me get through.  This time, I did not use a cane.  Last time, I cried when I turned the corner only to find more elevation.  This time, there were no tears and there was no praying for my own demise.  There were a few under-the-breath expletives, but no tears.  Last time, I was slow and held everybody had to wait on me.  This time, well, this time I was slow and everybody had to wait on me. 

This picture doesn't do this climb justice.  It keeps going and going and going

This is me on one of the last ascents.  See the smile-I'm an excellent actress.  =)
I have come to the conclusion that I am just slow.  I walk slow, I run slow, I'm just an at-my-pace kind of girl.  And my pace is slow.  The sign does say that people of average health should expect to complete it in 90 minutes, which we did! 

I put such high expectations on myself, and I get so aggravated when I think I can do better.  I thought it would have been a little easier.  I thought I would not have been so tired and slow on the last ascents.  And at first, I was a little disappointed in myself.  But I had time to think about it on the drive home.  Between the four of us, my sister is incredibly fit and my friend Che, is a half-marathon runner.  I'm not sure about Tara because I just met her, but she tackled this hike like a champ.  All of them considered this a tough workout.  So, I'm considering this hike a success!   In such great company and over 800 feet elevation and the fact that it did not kill me -how can it be considered anything but.

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  1. No kidding a success! First and foremost for the simple fact that you were willing to do it with other fit people.