Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Great Outdoors

I knew lunch was going to be a splurge today.  I went out with Grace Kelly and our women's group leader to a Mexican food restaurant.  It was yummy, and as I figured, I consumed every bit of the remainder of my calories for the day.  Mexican food is pretty expensive calorie wise.  When I calculated it, I was negative 9 calories for the day; so it wasn't as bad as I feared, but being that it was only 12:30 in the afternoon, I was concerned.  Luckily, dinner was baked drumsticks, and I was satisfied with having one.

My husband had an early softball game tonight, so I suited up to take a quick jog before he had to leave.  When I say suited up, I mean suited up.  It started with the chest strap for the Garmin.  Then there's the Garmin itself.  It's very bulky and it's on my wrist.  Then there was my arm band for my phone.  Then there was the headphones I had to get situated under my sleeve.  Then I had my new lap belt with the little water bottles.  Since it is sooooooo hot already, my husband said I should wear it and be sure I stayed hydrated.  By the time all this gear is in place, I'm thinking I should get extra calories for carrying the extra weight.  ;)  Oh well, I am merely a warrior princess with all her gear.

It was a high of 95 today.  It's barely mid-April and it's already almost 100 degrees!!  Have mercy!  I wondered how the heat would affect me and if I could sustain my distance and pace in higher temperatures.  There's only one way to find out. I didn't have long, so I took off behind the neighborhood and then made a loop back to get on the trail and then back through the front of the neighborhood.  That probably sounds more daunting than it was.  It ended up being a 1.7 mile track that took me 25 minutes.  I set the Garmin as well as my phone to test the new update, and it seems like although the phone update did make the GPS better, it is still a little off.  So I was anxious to plug in the Garmin and upload it to get my full results. And what exciting results they were.  My average moving speed was 4.1 mph and my fastest speed was 5.0 mph!   So I was pretty excited. 

Although the days are getting hotter, the evenings are still pretty nice.  We have a nice deck in the backyard with lots of trees and no back neighbors.  So after reading about puppies and kittens and listening for the rhythmic breathing that comes when little angels fall asleep, I decided to step out of the "norm" and step outside.  I took my laptop, a yoga DVD, and my mat, and hit the deck.  Literally.  It was great!  I did the sunset workout of Yoga on the Edge (that one is my favorite-I say favorite, but really I haven't tried the other two)  which was perfect, because the sun was setting.  You could feel the breeze and hear it blow through the trees and the sounds of birds and crickets.  It really created a nice, peaceful environment for yoga...until the AC turned on.  Then it was just loud and I couldn't hear the new age music or the vocal cues.  Lol.  Note to self: turn up the AC before going outside to do yoga. 

On a happy note, we may have a working spa.  It hasn't worked in 3 years or so, but we got the wiring redone.  Now it's a matter of cleaning it up, getting new filters, and making sure that it's going to heat up.  It's just another great way to spend time outside and relax after a good work out session.  I hope it works. Say a prayer for me, will you please?  ;D

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