Thursday, April 28, 2011

Grace and the Planks

I did not attend Ab-Ripper Shelllie's pilates class today.  Why?  Because I received my first-ever call from a teacher today.  I guess I should be greatful that it took this long, being that I've been a mother for almost 21 years.  Nevertheless, I had issues to deal with when I got home.  Hopefully, we handled it effectively.  I guess we have six more weeks of school to tell.

Instead, I went to zumba at a later time.  I love zumba, but I really get annoyed when instructors constantly forget their choreography.  It's hard enough being in reactionary mode, but when you add that in, it's even more difficult.  So during zumba, I'm getting grumpy.  So now I'm grumpy, and she's taking too long in between songs!  I'm wearing my Garmin so I know that my heart rate is dropping like 20 beats per minute while she's fixing her belly dancing skirt or whatever else she is doing.  Come on!! Keep it moving, chica!!

I got a chance to talk to Grace Kelly before I had to dash home, and she did go to the ab-ripper class.  She was tired and with good reason.  In this class, when we do the side planks, we always modify it and do it with one knee on the ground.  Tonight, she did a full side plank! And she held it!  Go Kelly!!!!  She is awesome!!!  Tomorrow, our office is having tea and crumpets and scones in honor of the royal wedding.  I think she deserves a scone with extra devonshire cream! 

So I'm off to the store so I can make the cream, and then I think I'll hop into the hot tub before I turn in for the night.  It's taking forever, but it has finally heated up.  I hope it keeps.

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