Monday, April 4, 2011

Dog House Mondays

The reason I try to get to the gym late every day is so that I don't take time away from my family, especially the little one.  I put her to bed every night; well, almost every night.  On Monday nights, I have my women's group bible study.  I leave the house at 6:45, so my husband gets the honors on these nights.  And she has let me know on several of these Monday's how much she doesn't appreciate it.  Sometimes there are tears!  (I hate that!)  =(

So, since I'm generally in the dog house with her on Mondays anyway, I figured I can leave the house earlier and get to zumba!

So that's what I did.  I love, love, love my Saturday class with Renae.  The very first zumba class I took was more like a hip-hop class, and I didn't like that. I may now; I may have to revisit that class to see.  Anyhow, this was my first time with this instructor.  Some of the choreography was the same, but some of it wasn't.  Her dancing style was different, and she is so so so cute.  I noticed that she did not give the class much of a head's up to what steps were coming next.  And a pet peeve, she forgets her choreography.  Kelly mentioned that before, so I guess it's something that happens often.  But it was still loads of fun and very sweaty.  I'll definitely have to try her class again.  But I have to say, I REALLY like Renae.  Even when her choreography is new, she explains everything; and you spend less time in reactionary mode.  After class, I had to get to the church asap for group.  Sweaty clothes and red face and all.

I had a good day.  And on this particular Monday, the little one was happy about a new bathing suit and the fact that I made her cauliflower "mashed potatoes."  I even got out the door with a kiss - and a reminder that she wants to go swimming in her new suit tomorrow.  Hmmm....I think she's working me.  =)  But if it gets me out of the dog house, it seems like a pretty good deal.

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