Thursday, April 21, 2011

Calves and Abs and Skinny Girls

I had my very first appointment with a chiropractor today.  I scheduled it in hopes that they could fix my calf.  My daughter has been going to this particular office for 5 years, so I trust them.  They relieved her pain in less than two months after she had suffered for over two years.  Two years of doctor's appointments, MRI's, physical therapy, and thousands and thousands of dollars with little to no relief. 

Turns out, I had several knots in my calf, and she got them out.  She dug her hands in and made me cry, and she used some sort of vibrating device and used them on the knots.  It was painful, but now I feel as good as new.  She did say that it was cumulative though.  Maybe the hike on Sunday pushed me over the edge, but it wasn't the hike alone that caused it.  That's good to know.  I also feel like if I had stretched better, maybe it would have not been quite so severe.  But who knows.  I'll be stretching very well from here on out as to not test that theory.

So with full use of my legs, I went to pilates tonight.  Every time I go to that class there are different people there.  I'm not sure if I've ever seen the same people twice.  It was a good class; maybe I'm getting a little stronger.  It was tough, but I just felt like I had a better handle on some of the exercises.  I'm still doing most of the exercises on the beginning level, but I felt better about it all.  I'm sure I'll feel my abs in the morning; at least I hope so.  I like that sore feeling.

So I had a moment tonight that made me smile.  My daughter is home for the weekend (yea!) so we went to Walgreen's to pick up some peroxide for my husband who slid into first and ended up with a horrible raspberry on his leg.  Anyway, we're walking and I look up at the mirrors they have on the aisles, and I looked smaller.  Comparatively anyway.  There was such a difference in my reflection, I couldn't believe it.   I've seen myself in the gym mirrors, and I sometimes thought maybe I was a little smaller; but tonight it was really noticeable.   It's only 11 pounds, but there was a difference; and it was great!

On the opposite side, my daughter is beautiful.  I know I'm her mother, but she is.  She is a dancer, and she has a dancer's body.  Her spring formal is coming up so she was trying on her dress to show me.  She just had it altered, so we were having a hard time getting the zipper up.  So she had been telling me that she felt like she had gained weight this week, and now her zipper won't zip up.  We laughed about that.  Anyway, we get the zipper up and she tried on her shoes with the dress, and she looks fantastic!  My husband and I are oohing and awwing over her. Then she tells us that she feels huge!

Oh the irony here!  In the same night when I'm saying, "I'm so little!" she's saying, "I'm so huge!"  Even with my 11 pounds gone, I probably still weigh close to 100 pounds more than her, so this struck me as really funny.  But it's good to laugh.  I know I still have a long way to go, but seeing the mirror's image today was a happy moment. One that will get me through to the next 11 pounds.

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